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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

and we are off.....

I have such a mixture of emotions. My heart is about to beat out of my chest just at the thought of Katie, Gwen, and I ALL being in Uganda together. we have spent SO much time in the US preparing, serving, loving, giving from a far. This will be the first time for us to be together in the country that we all three hold so close to our hearts. to say that I feel excitement is an understatement.

Fear COULD creep in if I allowed. I could be worried about leaving my children, my husband, and just WHAT if everything falls apart?!? I know that satan wants MORE than anything for me to be anxious. THEREFORE, I will not go there.

A mother's heart is so tender. The thought of not seeing my family for 2 weeks can be a little overwhelming, so I and SOOOOO glad that I am taking Grace with me. It will definitely fill the void some.

God is going to do a mighty work on this trip...I can feel it. HE has a very detailed plan for all that we are to see, do, and then ACT when we get back home. I love the way that HE has kntted our hearts together to work on HIS behalf. I feel so honored to walk blindly with HIS lead!

put on your seat belts....we are off!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Covering you all in prayer!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay so I have this FABULOUS picture of Josie Love from today.. Unfortunately, I don't know how to load it!! Just imagine. Josie Love. In front of the front door. HUGE sunglasses. Pink Justin Bieber tshirt. Flip flops. Hands on her hips. HYSTERICAL.

Just know you are terribly missed. By all of us. We are constantly praying for you and love you SO much. It's going to be an incredible trip. You know how I know? Because the fridge started leaking again today. :) Love you sister. See you soon!!



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