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Monday, June 6, 2011

day 3

I received several reports today: 1) from Anna Bliss (who is one of four that are keeping the home fires burning)

"naptime is the best invention you ever had!!! washed your car today, baked cupcakes, played outside aaaall morning, going to the pool after naptime (with life jackets of course :), caleb ate ALL of his lunch, house is clean, grace's new room is in the works with sweet mrs. kim, michael is a champ and playing bball at the Y with a friend, MA and AB call me every couple hours to tell me about the weather, their lunch, etc and AB's teeth are feeling better! everyone is doing just splendid but we sure do miss you!!!"
DO I have the best helpers or what?! God is SOOOO good!

2) "Hallooooo Suzon!!!" I said "who is this?!?" the response: "who do you think it is? It's me john jigo! I am so fine!! i just wanted to tell you that I have JOY, JOY, JOY in my heart today being with my family!! Suzon, my family is SOOO big! you wouldn't believe it!! I have many nieces and nephews!!"
He went on to tell me that he spent the entire first day at his mom's grave praying over her I held the phone out so that Gwen could hear him. We both smiled from ear to ear. He makes me so happy!

We started the day by heading to the pool with Katie and her girls. (homeschooling was put on hold because the "vistas" are here.) The girls love to swim. We laid in our chairs and relaxed and talked about relationships, Amazima "work stuff", life at home, life in Uganda. It was turning out to be a great day.

Awhile later, we went into town and while Gwen, Grace, and I were standing on the corner, a big dump truck ran over a motorcycle with two men on it. The truck's tires hit the front wheel and the handle bars and crunched it. The men were able to kinda hop was a MIRACLE that the men were not killed. Another inch and the entire motorcycle and both men would have been under the wheel. THE BIG TRUCK KEPT GOING!!!! never paused or stopped. I instantly looked at Grace and her face was white as a sheet. I could tell that her mind was reeling with disbelief of what her eyes had just seen. I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving that the men were okay, and we had not seen something that would have forever been imprinted in our minds.

A bit later, we stopped at the hospital for a visit. The rooms reminded me of jail cells. There were a few that were separate from the main building. All of the others were large rooms with cots stacked all around the walls with people sleeping on the floors. The thought of being in pain and staying there made my heart hurt for these people. I looked at Gwen and said "we will NEVER complain about going to Vanderbilt again!!"
We have so much to be thankful for. Each day, the Lord is easing us into a little more heartache. We seem to be seeing a little more each and every day....things that HE longs for us to be tender towards. He LONGS for us to reach out, step out of our comfortable little lives and be THANKFUL for the blessings that HE has given us.
Tomorrow we will go into the village. This is always hard for my heart. These people have food for their next meal, maybe two changes of clothes. Gwen and I are going to see the women who make our beads. One of the ladies that has been in the bead program had saved enough money and Kristene was taking her to buy land today!! How exciting is that? We are hoping to get some video footage of their testimonies on what the Lord has done in their lives through being able to provide for themselves and their children. Now, that makes me smile.
stay tuned...


kim said...

I love hearing about your trip, thank you for sharing. You all have beautiful hearts!!

Cindy said...

I look forward to reading about your time in the village.


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