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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a different culture...a different life...same love...same Jesus

i THINK that i am SLOWLY coming out of the "jet lag fog." My children and husband were SO happy for things to be back to "normal" again. I must admit, THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

One of my favorite days was one that we spent with our friends that make the recycled paper bead necklaces. We have watched these women go from eyes and hearts full of despair to smiles, laughter, and joy. Katie has taught these women the love of Christ by helping them serve others in their community. She has SHOWN them what it means to serve, therefore they are taking her torch and running with it. It is the NEATEST thing to watch. While we were there, one woman purchased the land and house that she had been renting. As we were leaving, there was another woman gathering her savings to do the same. IT WAS SOOOOO EXCITING!!! You can tell by the way that they look at Katie that they have SO MUCH admiration and love for her. We interviewed one of the ladies, and while she was speaking about Katie she fell apart. Her eyes just flooded with tears while she shared how thankful she is that Katie came along and helped her and her friends learn how to provide for their families. It just filled my heart to play a TINY part in helping Katie love these ladies SO well. The more these beads sell, the more these ladies have to share. It is awesome to watch how they care for each other rather than keeping it all for themselves. I walked away thinking "how in the world does she know HOW to be the feet of Jesus SO WELL?!?!"

Another "heart moment" that I had was with the family that lives behind Katie's house. This sweet friend has four children. When Katie found them, the youngest two were so malnourished and dehydrated she had to give them IV's. They live in one of the rooms of this house behind Katie's house. When I say that this family pulled my heart out of my chest and crushed it, is an understatement. The father lives somewhere else and comes to visit every six months or so. You can tell that the family LOVES living near Katie and her girls.

This is Kapata. VERY serious until he gets to know you and then lightens up the entire yard with his smile...oh my goodness, he is precious!
Now, this little toot is Salemu. I LOVE HIM. He is the only child that I have ever carried around without a diaper and could care less if he peed or pooped on me..hahaha.

This is "Girl" and "baby Katie"...Girl carries Katie on her hip or back most of the day. (Big)Katie is trying to teach the mom how to care for her children and let girl play and act like a child, without the responsibility of her little sister 24/7.
this is "mom"....she is learning how to wash clothes and care for her children. SHe is learning to work and do "her part" around the Davis compound :)
I asked Katie how long she planned on letting them stay. I could tell by the look on her face and her grin that she loves this family also! After spending time with them for a few days, I couldn't help but notice that the childrens clothes are just RATTY( filthy with holes) and the little ones don't wear diapers. I watched and wondered why Katie didn't buy clothes and diapers for them. As the week neared its end, I realized that she is loving them well by giving the mom work and food for her children. She is sharing the love of Christ with them. (they are muslim) After she shows them love and provides food, shelter, and life skills.....THEN the mom can provide the clothes and diapers...and will do it with PRIDE!!
OH, I have SOOOO much to learn. While I am home now, I will continue to lift my friends on the other side of the world UP to HIM. What a peace that gives my heart.


Kendra said...

I really love this post, Suzanne, and I thank you soo much for sharing it. We all have soooo much to learn for sure.

Anonymous said...

Your story at the end about the ratty clothes reminds me of a book I'm reading- "When Helping Hurts". If you haven't, get it! Totally touches on how to assist, what type of assistance is appropriate for different circumstances and how we can be successful in giving the Gospel and offering freedom through these humanitarian actions. I'm thankful my God is gracious to cover over the mistakes I may have made in the past (helping in ways that create dependance and aren't self-sustaining etc.). I'm definitely taking what I've learned with me to India!



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