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Sunday, June 5, 2011

day 2

My day started out with a phone call from John Jigo saying "halo Suzon! I am here with my people and I am SO SO hoppy!! I am with my seester and my brotter!! thank you Suzon for bringing me here!!" My day could have ended right then, and felt complete! aaaahhhh made my heart SO full.

And then it just got better and better! We went out to Katie's land. Two years ago Katie and I stood on the land and it was completely empty and we dreamed of where everything would go. Last year when I came to get Josie Love, Patrick's house was being built. Today I when I got there it was FULL. Full of children, full of food, there is the most fabulous playground EVER. There is a covered pavilion for the raining season. Our dream is is up and running...and it is giving love, food , and shelter to the children here. We rode down the rode all cram packed in Katie's van and Katie looked at us and said "we are all here together!! just riding down the road here in Uganda...TOGETHER!" After loving on the Karamajong children for a bit, we headed to Katie's to rest. We laid around on the couches and talked and watched Katie clean and wrap a mans leg that was burned. His house caught on fire and his calf muscle is literally raw flesh. The smell that escaped while she unwrapped the old bandage was almost too much to bear. I was amazed the way he sat quietly while she cleaned it. I am beginning to think that we are a bunch of wimps in America...hahaa!After a small rest,we loaded up the van to head to Auntie Renee's house.

I am so thankful for Renee. She is such a sweet friend to Katie. They support each other and their hearts are made from the same mold. She is doing an awesome work over here in rehabilitating children from malnourishment. She brings these children in, along with their mom/auntie/jaja and nurses them back to health while their guardian learns how to care for them. Her home is FULL of children right now. To read about what Renee is doing go

this little one has an IV in his head to receive fluids because he was so dehydrated...

this little one is almost two years old...notice how tiny his hands are compared to his banana...just to see these children receive love, have hope, grow and become healthy is such a blessing.

Many of you were a HUGE support in helping raise funds for my friend Tosha's adoption. For my 40th birthday, we raised $11,000 towards their adoption process. The highlight of the day was getting to love on Abigail!!! Tosha is anxiously awaiting a court date. I guess if she can't travel here to love on that sweet baby...I'm the next best thing! haha

SHE IS PRECIOUS!!! I cannot wait until she is home with us for good! Between Gwen, Grace and I she is "loved up" for awhile!


Tosha Haynes said...

You are DEFINITELY the next best thing! LOVE YOU

Kim said...

I am loving all of these updates! God is using ya'll to make a BIG difference in Uganda!!

Polly said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey. You are a wonderful story teller. We'll be in Kampala in weeks. I cannot wait to read more of how God is working through y'all to serve the "orphans in their distress"

Alisha Darsey said...

Wow! What a beautiful, precious baby!! Love what you are doing!


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