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Thursday, March 31, 2011

As I write this, my heart aches. Stopping to remember my sister-in-law is such a bittersweet thing. Many of you have asked how my brother is doing since my sister-in-law passed away. He and his children are doing well. They have many changes coming around the leaving for college, one headed to Washington to work for the summer, and the two youngest still at home with Dad. Through Lane Anne's suffering, my brother blogged about living life...through the hard times and the sweet moments that our sweet Savior gave each of them to remember. Tim and Lane Ann were the most significant model of walking by faith that I have ever had in my life. I have to say that if they had not gone before me, and I had not watched FIRST hand how Christ provided for them OVER and OVER and OVER again...I might not have EVER stepped out into the adoption world. Their love and faith is a PURE example of faith.

As Tim blogged, a love story unfolded before our very eyes. Every time I would sit down to read, I would pull out the was BEAUTIFUL. SO, after many people telling him that they would LOVE to have it in print....your wish has come true!!


The Essence of Grace

This is a love story that chronicles the love between a man and woman until "death do them part." It started as a simple blog aimed at correspondence between family and friends. Whether the spiritual transparency depicted in these journals, spiritual truths contained herein, or unguarded honesty attracted others is hard to ascertain. One thing is certain. As this story was shared from one person to the next, those reading this courageous display of love amidst human suffering spread into the thousands. If you or someone you love is suffering from disease, death, marital problems or stuck in the throes of grief, this book is sure to challenge, inspire, and strengthen all those who read it.

You can purchase a copy on his ministry's We all have suffered loss at some time in our lives. This book will give you HOPE.


jenny said...

oh thank you so much for sharing this beautiful grace with us. Thinking of you as you remember and cherish your sister.


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