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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A different perspective...

*This is Grace, really quick. Annabelle is going to blog about what she's thought of the trip so far because 1-I'm sure it will be awesome for yall to hear things from a 3rd grader's perspective, and 2-I'm too tired. Hahaha, I will update tomorrow and try to sum up today/whatever happens tomorrow, and post pics.....enjoy!*

THIS IS AN AWESOME TRIP!!!!!! But I also miss my family and friends, especially my best friend Emma. I love playing with all those children. Today we went to visit 2 orphanages: Amani and Our Own Home. My favorite part of the da
y was visiting all those children!!!
We'll keep yall posted. Same thing that Grace said....


Kim said...

I love that you ALL have such a HUGE heart for the orphan!

Anonymous said...

Annabelle, I loved reading your post. You are precious. Love, Katrina

Ray said...

i love u annabelle:) miss u SO MUCH!! its emma:) cant wait till ur home so u can tell me ALL about ur trip....tell all of Katie's girls hi and i miss them:)LOVE U SARA, TIBITA, MARY, JOYCE, GRACE, ZULA, PROSSY, HELEN, MARGARET, SCOVIA, PATRICIA, AGNESS, AND SUMIN:) im coming back soon:) God bless, Emma M.

Ray said...

Hi Annabelle:) MISS U SOOO MUCH:) cant wait till ur home so u can tell me all about ur trip....Tell all of Katies girls hi and i miss them:) love u... Sara, Helen, Sumin, Margaret, Scovia, Tibita, Grace, Patricia, Prossy, Agness, Joyce, Mary, and seeing pics of u:) God bless, Emma M.

kristen said...

You have a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family. I'm looking forward to following!

Brian and Mandy Harvey said...

Annabelle, I was SO glad to get to hear from your heart! I can't wait for Ben to see the pictures and read about your time so far...he will be excited to see what you are doing :-) I love you sweet girl! Hope you enjoy the rest of your time there!!!

Alan Stout said...

Hi Annabelle and Grace! Thanks for all the updates we are joyful right along with you! We look forward to seeing you this Summer and hearing some first hand accounts! God bless and keep you all.

Uncle Alan

Brian and Mandy Harvey said...

Grace I don't know if you can, but if so, check your fb... message from me asap. :-)

Aunt mandy

mamamargie said...

Bless your heart for your sweet words! Am enjoying your sister's blogs and I see you are a great writer as well. God bless you as you continue your trip.

love said...

oh, fun! please hug josiah and joshua for me at Our Own Home if you go back!
fun to watch your trip here!! i hope to be back to uganda soon!


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