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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

more pics from our trip

Sarah, Jane and I...If my little sister MillerAnne could have a twin in would be Jane! They are JUST alike! We laughed all week at the similarities of the two of them....
Yall have probably heard my mom talk about Kristene...she is beautiful on the inside AND out and is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet...Not to mention she cared for Josie (along side Katie) when we had to leave her in Uganda, because of her tuberculosis...she is an angel on earth!
Dad's rockin' the Mocha Club shirt...I LOVE their motto/trademark ("I need Africa more than Africa needs me")...
Annabelle and Jane....precious! Annabelle didnt want to leave when it was time to come home...

Since bringing Josie Love home, our family has broken hearts for the children in Africa with HIV. These pics are from a childrens home called "Our Own Home" that cares for HIV children. This little one (Moses) is one of our "all time favorites", he's so precious.

One of my favorite things that we do while we're these is help feed the Amazima kids... for most, it is their only meal of the day and the delight in their eyes and the smiles on their faces just warm my heart. Each child wears their "Sunday's best" to worship day and most of the clothes are torn, dirty, and worn really is an eye opening moment. These children have NOTHING...barely even clothes on their bodies, and yet they laugh, smile, and have more joy than most everyone I see each and every day. I know that these children bring Christ so much joy as their voices echo through the fields of Jinja singing and praising HIM.

more to come later....


We Are Family said...

I get chills everytime I read your posts. Hold tight to Jesus sweet girl. He is leading your way ;)

A Cup of Cold Water said...

i have to write and second what the comment by "we are family" said! i have loved reading your thoughts on your trip! your relationship with Jesus at your young age is so wonderful. nothing the world has to offer will ever match Him. don't ever, ever, EVER forget that or let anyone tell you anything other than that. the world will try to lure you away and satan has many tricks in His bag so hold tight to God and weigh every decision and every path that comes in front of you in prayer. :) i know God will accomplish SO much with your life as you continue to trust Him! :)

Kim said...

Love reading / seeing thru Grace's eyes. Beautiful.

auntie katie said...

i adore you.

in the car today, Prossy said, "I think Grace could be my best friend, I wish she lived closer" So funny to catch up here and see you said something so similar.

cherished our time together, Grace. Looking forward to you living with us in Uganda one day (fingers crossed? dont kill me mike...)

love you sister!!

Kendra said...

Beautiful. Soo happy we could share in your journey a little. Thank you. :0)

mamamargie said...

Beautiful! Thanks for taking us along on your trip. It was very much enjoyed. :)

Jodi said...

Love the pictures! How old is beautiful Miss Jane? She looks so precious! Just makes me want to go squeeze her!


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