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Sunday, March 6, 2011

ALL BECAUSE OF A SWEETFRIENDSHIP....Abigail is coming home.
Words from Tosha:

Where do I even begin? I will start by saying I have struggled for weeks to write this because there truly aren’t words when you are the recipient of a MIRACLE, but I need to try so that everyone that reads this and played a part in this will know how blessed our family is because of you!

First, to Gwen… WOW SISTER! Thank you for waking up when you hear God speaking to you. Thank you for ACTING on the ideas he gives you even when the world would say “that’s crazy” or “it can’t be done”. You are the hands and feet of Jesus and I love you for the example you set for so many to BELIEVE and not question but JUMP when God calls and let Him handle the details. I LOVE YOU AND I WILL FOREVER CHANGE THE WAY I RESPOND/ REACT TO THE NUDGES AND WHISPERS FROM MY SAVIOR BECAUSE OF YOUR EXAMPLE! Thanks is not enough but it is all I have. We will honor your gift to our family!

Second, to Suzanne… Hmmmmmmm, I am choking back tears as I type. Sister, thanks for being the vessel that God is using to bring Abigail home to our family! Because of you we finished our home study. Because of you I sent an email. Because of you being born, my family, friends, students and others witnessed a FOR REAL miracle in the funds that were raised to bring Abigail home. And because of you my family will NEVER be the same… it will be WHOLE, it will be FULL, it will be what God intended from the start! Without you speaking words of encouragement we might have kept “getting in our own way”. We may have missed out on Abigail and the thought of that makes me weep! All the times you told me “when you love the orphans and follow God’s direction for your family in loving the orphan, he will bless you beyond your comprehension” I believed you …but now I FEEL you and thanks won’t even cover it! By the way, EVERY check I write for an adoption expense I say aloud “thank the Lord Suzanne turned 40” hahaha! I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THAT YOUR GENEROSITY IS SO EVIDENT THAT YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WOULD KNOW YOU WOULD WANT TO BRING ABIGAIL HOME TO OUR FAMILY SO BADLY THAT IT WOULD QUALIFY AS A “GIFT” FOR YOU! THANKS FOR THE BELLY LAUGHS AND FOR WALKING ALONGSIDE US ON THIS JOURNEY. Thanks is not enough but it is all I have. We will honor your gift to our family.

Next, to everyone that donated to the “Bring Abigail Home” surprise 40th Birthday gift for Suzanne… Look at what God can do! I cannot begin to express our gratitude that you would participate in Gwen’s CRAZY, RADICAL, OUT-OF-THE -BOX idea for Suzanne’s birthday! By the way… just incase anyone forgot…165 families, 5 days,

$10, 988! For those 165 families: YOU HAVE BLESSED OUR FAMILY BEYOND WHAT WE COULD HAVE EVER IMAGINED. THANK YOU FOR LOVING SUZANNE, THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING TO BRING OUR DAUGHTER HOME AND THANK YOU FOR THE ROLE YOU PLAYED IN SHOWING SO MANY WHAT THE BODY OF CHRIST CAN DO! You were part of a MIRACLE and we will never forget that the Lord used each of you to bring our daughter home from Uganda. We will honor your gift to our family.

Lastly, I want to say to anyone considering adoption but financial worries are holding you back…


A dear friend once told me that “God Funds what He Favors” ~Suzanne Mayernick~ and she was ABSOLUTELY right! Thanks isn’t sufficient but it’s all I’ve got!


Tosha Haynes


Kasey- said...

(Suzanne, if you can't post this because of its length, will you please make sure Tosha gets a copy of this?Her post was a total God thing for me today and I want her to know that. )

Dear Tosha,
I can not express how this post came at the exact moment I needed it to, Tosha I don't know you, but your words today are a God thing. Ben and I are Suzanne and Mikes cousins through Ben's side of the family. Their awesome example and faith have been the light house guiding us through this process thus far (that and the Holy Spirit).We are adopting from India, and our home study is complete and we are navigating immigration.
I can not explain how weary I was today when I decided to catch up on sweet Suzannes blog. I am probably the worst salesperson on the planet, and am struggling to fund raise for our adoption. Ben and I go to church in Antioch and our demographic is one that makes it very duifficult for even our closest friends to support us. T shirt sales and bead sales have been there but slow because people just don'thave it to give. There is a part of me that hates asking.
As I navigate the grant application process and financial aid process I am again discouraged as I am told my husband and I make too much gross anual income to qualify.
We were briefly elevated this weekend when our agency told us we were possibly getting a sibling group (I have felt this all along), but then the waves of doubt and fear swept over me as I realized I needed even more money to bring two precious orphans home. This also broke my heart because I know one of these children is HIV + and I have to get her home as soon as possible!!!!!
I came across your post today and my heart was put at peace. You are right, God does fund what he favors, and if you can do it (165 families in 7 days wow)then I can do it :)
I need to do a blessing check, and realize how fortunate I am able to call Suzanne and Mike family. I am so fortunate that they provide these necklaces for me to sell, and even more valuable is their example and advice and encouragement.
thank you for reminding me, and enjoy your new child!
Kasey Nelson


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