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Friday, March 13, 2009

Waking to Smiles & Laughter

I cannot describe to you the joy and love these children have for life and for others other than that it is AMAZING! We arrived at Katie's house really late and as soon as we could we went to bed. This morning I woke up to 15 smiling and excited faces before I could even get out of my bed! As soon as I stepped onto the floor I was being hugged by three little ones and they all took turns hugging and greeting all of us. We gave them all a stuffed animal and some chalk this morning and they are all holding them and drawing outside on the walls. 

GOD IS SO GOOD!! This morning we all got to witness a miracle as we all watched Grace walk across the room. We were all cheering her on and clapping as her face lit up with pure joy. I took a video of her walking and we have taken many pictures, but I am having trouble loading them.

Since being here I have tried to absorb every little precious moment. This morning I just sat on the couch watching, watching in amazement of what God has done with Katie and wondering where these children would be if it weren't for her obedience to God. She is a blessing to all of us and as Suzanne said last night, "If you like Katie, you LOVE Katie!"

We are blessed to be here and appreciate your prayers tremendously.

Love you all!!




Small Stones said...

I am so happy to hear you have all arrived, safe and sound. I can't wait to see the pictures and video, if they will load! I can't wait to read your next entry! :D We are all praying for you and loving you all and Katie! God IS so good!!!!!! Thank you for reminding me! I needed to hear that tonight.

Oatsvall Team said...

I guess I should just get used to tears this week ... Tears of joy knowing that so many will get see another side of Katie's life ... A view from others standing beside her and loving what she loves and seeing what God sees ... Love You All .. I stayed up till last night till I got my text you were there .. It came at 12:30 pm and I slept knowing !!!!

Love You GUYS !!!!

Anonymous said...

We are thrilled to know you are there! It was like Christmas morning reading your message earlier today. You are all constantly in our prayers, and we know the Lord is with you every step of the way. All is well here. Can you say A/B honor roll? Not bad for BB season. Can't wait to read about your adventures throughout the day!
Anna's Mom

Nancy said...

Praising God for His provision! PLEASE, OH, PLEASE...hug lots of little ones for those of us who are NOT there! Maybe SOME day, it will be me!

Prayers and love...Nancy in CT (blessed mama to ShaoXi, an orphan no longer, adopted in Changsha China)

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God that you are all there and safe. Know that you are in our prayers. It seems that you are already blessed in this adventure. Our love to all with hugs.
Mamaw and Robert

Anonymous said...

Anna, great to hear from you! Glad you all made it. Have a wonderful and blessed time! Dad

Jenn in GA said...

very cool stuff! i'm sure it's hard to absorb everything; brain overload!

enjoy everything...can't wait to read more.

Jenn in GA said...

btw, how are mayernicks' kids that they left behind? they were struggling with a virus days before they left...

redeemedintohope said...

Cant wait to hear and see everyone when you guys get back! ...4 mayernicks were left behind and they were well before they got on the plane. LUFFA YOU GUYS!

Diane said...


Pat Perry said...

So glad you made it! You are right where God wants you to be, and I know you are going to make an impact on these children!! Praying for you and the team. Love you,
Coach Perry

Anonymous said...

Dear Anna:
Read your first blog today. So glad you are having a great experience. You are an amazing young lady. We are praying for you and love you very much.
Bebaba and Papaw

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
I'm thankful you made it there safely. Praying that all your needs will be met. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures. God bless you.
Patti Rae

Tara said...

Hi Anna!
We are so thankful that you guys made it safely. Cant wait to hear about all the miracles that I am sure you will witness this week!
Maddux Family

Brenda said...

anna mitchell! my love for you is undying and i am so so glad that you were givin this opportunity! i know that your big smiling face and long blonde ringlits are blessing those children more then we may ever know! you are perfect for them! im praying for you and the team you are with and all of the children. i cant wait to see pictures! i love you so much girl! give those beautiful children lots of kisses for me!! we will forsure have lunch when you get back! im so excitedd for you!! love love love you so so so so soooooooo much!! have an awesome week!!

love always,
youre "short big sister" ellie belly

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anna:
Well, you've been there two days now and we know you have experienced many blessings, as well as being a blessing yourself. After reading your first text we look forward to receiving your next one. Our love and prayers are with you.
Bebaba and Papaw.


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