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Thursday, March 19, 2009

blogs for weeks.....

Suzanne here.....
I have decided that there is so much to tell and it takes so long to blog and upload pics, that we will continue to blog for several weeks after we return to the US, so ya'll can see our pictures and hear about everything that we have experienced here.  
On Saturday the children started rolling in and a little boy came in with white spots all over his face and body.  Katie's face was HILARIOUS, I thought I was going to laugh my head off!   As it turns out, he had smallpox and had walked for miles for his bag of food.  We met him at the gate, gave him his food, and called a piki to take him home.....I have a pic that I will show you later.
This is one for Mary Pat (Katie's mom).....Okay, you must know that Katie is VERY frugal here!  She will walk blocks for something that is 10 cents cheaper. 
 (Mike here, for you  Scott...The locals refer to her as "Nangobi" or "Nantongo"...meaning that she cannot be taken advantage of, or put another cant charge her the prices you typically charge an American..she will only pay the prices that other Africans word for this is "bush-smart".  She can definitely hold her own. Christine says that people here consider her more African than American.   We have learned to let Katie do the negotiating when it comes to money. )  
(Back to Suzanne)..When she pays the piki men, they look at the coin that she pays them and shake their heads in laughter!  Quite the bargain hunter our sweet Katie!
As she walks through her village the people meet her on the side of the road just for her to touch them.  She has such a loving touch and it always ends with a kiss.  I am very close behind with my purell cleaning her hands and mouth (the "mama" in me) hahaha
Okay, so katie is waiting for me, we're headed to the market for some chickens......we're gonna fry em up the American way today!!! yeeehah!!!!  more to come later.....


Anonymous said...

Suze, I will come down there and hear all your stories and see your pics personally!! Of course we don't want you sitting there in front of a computer all the time! :) Can you believe how grown up and smart and selfless your children are?! Grace and Michael are just rocking my socks off. You all do. We love you guys! I read your blog at work, and print it out and read it to justin at home and we just sit and cry and miss ya'll. Next time we'll just have to go to Africa with you.


ps- of course one of a Mayernick child's first spoken words is "Purell" ;) LOL

Jenn in GA said...

wow...four posts today!!! i'm so glad to read that you'll continue writing after you return, as i'm sure you have many stories in you.

i'm with megan...i'd drive to sit and hear the stories face to face too, but for those who can't, keep writing!

great visual pictures painted with words--you following behind with purell cracked me up!--and wonderful, sweet lessons from God.

safe travels...did the luggage ever arrive?

Oatsvall Team said...

ok, i love the purell story and i can so see you doing that ... i can't wait for pictures ... will see ya at the airport ... it did my heart good to hear your voice today ... i feel so much better ...

please give Katie an extra hug for me before you leave and tell her i luffa her so so so much!


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