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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grace here...

It is 11:11 PM here in Uganda...Today we had over 200 kids come over and worship God, eat food, and play games (i got to be in a sack race....surprisingly, i won, giving the girls team the lead...) :) . Also, we gave everyone a sack of food, a BIG bar of soap, and a t-shirt, (another example of God showing himself)....we had the EXACT amount of t shirts to give each kid one, and after handing out the last one, we were out.  After all the kids had left, Katie, my mom, Mallory, Michael, my dad and I all went to visit Amani Baby cottage (an orphanage about 15 minutes away from Katie's house), where we visited and loved on the kids... Many of the kids there are special needs, and some have had a rough past....please pray for them that they all stay healthy and that they would be able to find homes. Although we have only been here for a day, our hearts are already changing, and drawing closer to God. Pray for safety and protection for Katie, her kids, the Amazima children, our team, and the children with out someone to tuck them in tonight. Good night!! :)
P.S. My mom is supposed to post pics either tonight or tomorrow so be on the lookout for those...


Oatsvall Team said...

OH, GRACE... thanks for the post .. I am sure today was something amazing ... YEAH on the sack race !!! I love how God provided just enough t-shirts and even more that you understand how purposeful God is ... Love YOU Girl ... give all the kids and your mom a hug for me !!

redeemedintohope said...

IS THIS REALLY MY LITTLE SISTER POSTING HERE? You sound like katie! Gosh I am so excited for you and can literally see each of your faces doing these things you speak of. Do you have any idea how much I love you, am proud of you, and lift you up to Jesus? I might just have to have a sleep over with you for the first two weeks after you get back so that you dont get out of my sight!!!!! I LOVE YOU. Praise our Father for making such a beautiful woman!!!!!

jessica said...


elizabeth said...

Hey Grace! Bailey Ragland here!! I am so glad that you and your family and friends are there to help those kids in need. It seems like alot of fun to be there. God blesses every single one of you all!!! I love u!!!!!!!!!!! Bailey :-)

June said...

HEYY GRACIE!!!! I hope God is working in your life through this trip...and it is your b-day over here... SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I luv u... luv u... luv u! give everyone there a BIG hug for me...I miss you all!

ur luving cuz,


June said...

heyy grace...the comment b4 this 1 is from me on Nonnie and Poppie's yea..LUV U!!!!!

Ivie said...

Cousin Ivie here! We are prayin for you guys down here in Ohio! Congrats in the sack race lol :) Talk later see you at Gran & Pop's for Easter!

Tara said...

Hey Grace! It sounds like You guys are having such a great time! Congrats on the sack race! Keep the posts coming and it warms my heart to read your words and hear you growing!

Ruthie said...

Grace, it was so good to be able to read your post. Sounds like you are having an amazing experience. Keep posting and I will keep praying for you guys.

Love you!

Amy Drane said...

Loved reading your post, Grace! You are such a sweet soul and I love ya to pieces. So excited for you and all the experiences that you are having! Tell your mom and the rest of your family hello and that we are praying for you guys constantly. Talk to you soon...

P.S. Happy late Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Graci!!!
It is so great to have a friend like you who cares so much about other people. I really miss you. Have an awesome trip.
faith legate

Anonymous said...


I so enjoyed reading your post. What a wonderful opportunity on your 13th birthday to have such an experience and to be the "hands and feet" for God!!! I realize I'm a couple of days late in wishing you a happy birthday but I wanted you to know that I did think of you. Tell your mom and everyone else hello for me. I am glad you all made it there safely.


Caroline said...

hey Grace I love you girly and i hope u r having a great experience in Africa right now and cant wait to see you!
Love you~!


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