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Thursday, March 19, 2009


"Auntie" Grace here again...where to start...well i guess i will explain the title of this post first...a while ago one of Katie's friends and her mom came to visit, and right before they left, they watched the movie "Blood Diamond"...I have never seen this movie but apparently its about a man who goes to Africa, and he says "T.I.A." all throughout the movie. T.I.A. stands for "this is Africa" all throughout the week, everyone has taken every opportunity to use it. For example, the other day, we were all discussing our sunburns and how you would not get this burned in America...or at least in TN....a perfect example of T.I.A...all throughout the week we have learned that THIS IS AFRICA. We have had an AMAZING trip where God has not failed to show himself in SO many ways, but T.I.A.. Yesterday, we went to do village ministry in several different villages. It reminded me of all that we have at home and how much we take for granted. I can't count how many times at my house I have heard someone say (and I am guilty of this too), "There's no food in the pantry," when we actually have a pantry full of food, it just might not be what you want. Some people here go days without food or water. Katie truly is running an amazing ministry. She feeds and provides education for children that otherwise would not receive food, would not be able to go to school, and most of all, would not have someone to love them and care for them. We should all appreciate everything we have and do not take anything for granted. I know that when our team here gets home, we will all look at everything through a different perspective, and appreciate the little things like a hot shower (although in Africa, cold showers feel great...), food any time we need, and people to love on us, kiss us goodnight, and say "I love you."
Me and Joshephine at Amani

Nkwagala Nyo! (I love you so so much!)
Auntie Grace :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your heart with us today. Every time one of you writes about your day, it helps those of us at home share in the adventure with you! Our prayers are with you all as you wrap up the week and head home. Give Anna a big hug for us and tell her we love her and can't wait to see her on Saturday!
Love to all,
Anna's mom

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff!
Love you!
Aunt Lane

Anonymous said...

Gracie doodle,

I love your heart. You have so much wisdom for your age and that blesses me to pieces. You're going to have to enlighten Brentwood how the rest of the world lives huh? ;)

This picture is beautiful!! It reminds me of Milleranne.

Nkwagala Nyo!

Oatsvall Team said...

girl you look so at home there ... i am so proud of you and can't wait for some one on one time w/ you to hear all about it ..

hug a few more kids for me ... love you !!!

Ivie said...

Ivie here again! Sounds like it's going great!!! Hope to see you all soon~:)
Great picture!


redeemedintohope said...

missing you like crazy. love you my sister

Aunt Ruthie said...

Hi Grace! WOW- you are learning some amazing things this week aren't you. I'm so glad you are getting this opportunity and so glad you are able to share it with all of us via the internet. Love you!

Dana said...

We have a match! Please call or email me! Or post on the blog! We have prayed for you! Can't wait to talk!

Amy Drane said...

Sweet girl...can not wait to actually talk to you and see your eyes light up with all the stories that you will have to share! So so proud of you! Love and hugs to you all...

Amy Drane

Tracey Stuart said...

Grace you are an amazing little girl!!!You may not remember me but I am married to Amy
Drane's cousin, Jim Ed. (You probably remember Sloane and Carli.) Amy told me about Katie's ministry 3 weeks ago and I now tell everyone I see. I know serving in Africa will change your life....just hearing about it has changed mine. Tracey Stuart

Rhonda W. said...

Grace, I can't wait for you, Anna, Mallory and Landon to get back. I have been praying for you everyday. I love the pictures! Mrs. Smith

Abbie said...

hey gracie!

I miss you SO much and can't wait to hear al about your trip! I LOVE U SO SO SO much!!! I am excited about my future cousin...I LUV THE PIC!!



Renee said...

Grace, what a beautiful post! Thank you for giving us a window into your time there. I LOVE the pic of you and Josephine...can't wait to hear all about it!!


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