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Friday, November 13, 2009

Two praises for the day!

I went to bed (in my bed) last night. I was going to be brave. Christene and I thought that if I shut the bathroom door, then the rat would have NO way of getting out into the house. WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA! I awakened from a DEAD sleep to the sound of a dog scratching on the bathroom door. Yep! that little stinker was scratching so hard that it woke me up! I VERY QUICKLY went into Katie's room, woke her up and got into her bed. We laid in bed and laughed because we could hear that rat scratching all the way in her room. We shut her door, just by chance that it DID get out....surely it couldn't get through two doors! I got ready in Katie's bathroom this morning because I wasn't about to open MY bathroom door. Awhile later, Christene starts hollering "auntie Suzanne! auntie Suzanne!" I went running into my room and this is what we found (above) He had gotten so crazy in the bathroom that he jumped (or fell) into the toilet. Christene reached her hand in the toilet and picked him up and put him in a ziploc bag ALIVE! OH HOW I LOVE AFRICA....
We went into the village today and made some AWESOME footage of the children chanting "antie kate! auntie Kate! auntie Kate!" feeding of 1200 children...they just kept coming and coming and coming....where do they all live? Katie giving meds to sick ones, and the highlight of the day.....GLORIA! (for more info on Gloria go to september 29th post) She was standing and talking. She still hasn't recovered from her illness (untreated menengitis) but is MUCH better.(this one is for you Auntie Renee)

Tomorrow is the "worship day" for the Amazima kids. That is always a blast and EXTREMELY exhausting! I will post tomorrow night unless the power is out, it will be my last night here....WOOHOOOOOO! Just a few more days and Josie Love is coming home! yippppeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

What an encouragement you girls are!! Rats that scratch on doors would be more than enough to keep most people from answering God's call to love and to serve . . .
Thank you for getting out of your comfort zone to show Jesus to others . . .
you're in my prayers!

Montgomery, AL

Shonni said...

Oh my word, that rat thing would really get to me! But so worth it to get to be involved in the glorious work of our Father in Africa.

melissa said...

I remember when I stayed at katies house I would ALWAYS keep my door closed to the bathroom because of that big hole in the tub where the rats came out (christine was kind enough to let me know about it the first day I was there) : )

give katie a great big hug from me!
so excited for Josie and your family!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more of your Journey!!!
Josie is just beautiful. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your day with the children as well. Just brings such joy to my heart knowing all these kids are being touched by Katie and all of you! Prayers for great blessings on the rest of your trip.
Faithfully in HIm,
Cincinnati, OH

Miss Janet said...

Amen, praise the LORD!!

Blessings to you!

Beautiful Mess said...

Praying and praising with you!!

Small Stones said...

So happy you did not get eaten by a giant rat! :D Seeing Gloria made my heart sing and gave me goose bumps! Would LOVE to see the footage of Katie serving. What a blessing Amazima is to US here in the states...she, you and Gwen, along with the others who support you all (including your amazing families!) are an inspiration to me, and my heart has been forever changed by following your blogs. Thank you for changing my heart! Can't wait for little Josie Love to be HOME!

Praying for you!

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! Elle lived with a giant rat in her room in ET!! The nannies beat him to death with a broom--- his rat blood splattered all over her things! Such a picture to ponder---- as is the floating one in the toilet! So thankful for your bravery sweet sister! Give Katie a big kiss from us and come home with precious Josie!! Can't wait to love on her!

Naomi said...

It is such a delight to follow your journey to Josie Love!! I live in England and we recently adopted a daughter from China but how I would LOVE to go to Africa for a son!!!! Only if it is God's plan, so I will wait to see!!

Your stories are so vivid that I feel like I am there with you! I have been following your story for a few months now and I am so blessed and cannot wait to see you arrive home with your sweet little girl!! What a testimony!!

Blessings and prayers for you as you prepare to leave,

Anonymous said...

glad you fixed your problem....hehe... SEE YOU ON MONDAY!!!




Gran said...

Yikes! I can't imagine sleeping with a rat in the next room. It has to be the grace of God! I wish I could be there when Josie Love comes homes, but I will see her Thanksgiving, Lord willing. At least I get to be here with Mia comes home from India. Mandy called this afternoon, and they were getting ready to board a plane in New Delhi for Calcutta, India. They will get there Sunday night about 11:30 our time. There is about a 10 1/2 hour time diffeence. My prayers continue to be for your safety and the Lord's continued direction and that we will always recognize his voice.
Much Love,
MaMa Gaye

Renee said...

SO glad to see this picture of Gloria!! Thank you, thank you! She looks SO good! I can't believe I'll be seeing you and Josie Love (by the way, I'm diggin' JLovie too!) in just a few hours!! WOO HOO!! As you talk about the feeding program, the land where the gardens and animals will be, Katie's girls and Christine crying...even the stinkin' RAT!!...I can just picture it all so vividly. Gloria in her village, children running behind Katie's van..those images are burned in my mind, like you said. Love that. Counting down the hours til I see that sweet brown face! :-)


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