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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bellies are Rumbling!

How many times have you heard a baby crying and wonder "what is wrong with that child?" if the crying persists, you start going through the list.... " are they sleepy? are they hungry? are they just mad because they didn't get their way?" As a mother you learn to differentiate between your children's cries.. It is a God-given gift that helps you know how to best care for you child. Visiting Uganda has given me a new perspective of a child's cry. Very rarely do you hear a child crying out in public. The first week that I was there with Josie Love she screamed quite a bit. She did not know me, and she was just going to scream about it until she got to know me. When I was out in town and she would begin to cry, the Ugandan people would approach me and ask"what is wrong with your baby?" ALMOST as often as I would hear "she doesn't see? what is wrong with her eyes?" I would make up an excuse and think to myself "can't you see I am a little busy right now, I have a screaming baby in my arms!" It got to be a little bothersome after the first 10 times that I was asked the same two questions OVER and OVER again. One day in the bank she started screaming (for NO reason) and I was about 10 people back in line. The bank teller stopped to ask "what is wrong with your baby?" and I answered "I don't know, I guess she doesn't like being in the bank?" and they put me to the front of the line! A few days later, while standing in a LONG line, ( NO ONE gets in a hurry over there) I thought about pinching her in hopes that i might get bumped to the front! heehee...just joking!
My last trip to the Karamajong village made my heart hurt. I kept hearing a child's cry....a hunger cry. It was loud and never ending. She explained that if a mother is sick or infected with HIV then she will not nurse her baby because she doesn't want to infect them. My brain AUTOMATICALLY thought about my children crying in the night to wake me because it was time to feed them. What would I have done if I had to just lay there and hear my baby cry and feel completely HOPELESS. They cry until they have exhausted themselves back into a restful sleep. And the cycle continues until the mother can find food in the morning. I started envisioning myself laying in a mud hut, hearing the babies cry all through the village ALL night LONG! What a sobering thought. I had a new perspective of Katie's feeding program (1200 kids a day) and I left THAT DAY with a mission.....
Gwen and I have had the best time this week. We started out on Wednesday setting up at a "shopapalooza" (whatever that means?!) . We sold our 147 Million Orphan products all day. Thursday we mailed orders, and took our products to our first retailer....POSH! You can now buy our stuff at the Green Hills location or the Hillsboro Village location. We set up at a friends house Friday AND Friday night. At those three places, we sold enough to feed almost 9,000 children!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED! Cry NO more sweet babies, we're going to fill those little tummies with beans, rice, and chicken. Amazima Ministries also has formula that we are feeding the "little bitties". 9,000 fed and how many more to go? the ones of you that purchased our stuff are making a difference! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
I am flying out monday morning to go see my little screamer..haha. I will blog while I am gone and keep you all posted. Thank you for your prayers, I can feel them!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

WOW!!! How amazing - that is a lot of children to feed :) YEAH JESUS!!!!!!!!! So excited you get to see & bring home Josie Love!!!

Bethany said...

Wow- I will be praying for you!!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

We will be rpaying fo ryou! I check your blog often, and check Katie's. I'm so disappointed not to see any new posts in 2 weeks over there.

I am going through my Christmas list, checking it twice, ready to do some ordering!


Anonymous said...

praying for you!!! :)



Gigi and Grandy in Katy said...

That is so awesome. Bless you and Gwen and all who are helping you. How appropriate on the eve of Orphan Sunday.....

Praying for you as you travel, and the family you leave behind.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!!!! How great is our God!!!!
Great work for all the orphans. You all are so inspiring.
Can't wait to follow your journey to bringing home your beautiful baby girl!!!! Safe travels and MANY blessings.
Faithfully in Him,

Kim said...

Another beautiful post. Thank you for sharing all He is teaching you and showing you. We will be praying from Hong Kong for your travel mercies.
Love & Blessings,

Gigi said...

I am praying for you, and your family. I love watching the Lord in you as you share your journey. God bless you!
Gigi Sanders

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you as you travel to pick up Josie....ill also pray for your husband and kids back home!

SiLa said...

My dear, reading your post is encouraging for me.
I am already helping Amazima, but now I am trying to bring awareness to your project 147 Million Orphans through my blog. Our Lord gave me a heart for Uganda, and although I am still not able to go there (money problem), but I know that He will provide for that to. I can help now from here and with all I am now.
I am, by God's grace artist, painter, and photographer, and I use my talents to spread the word about you.
May God bless you.

writing4612 said...

As someone with a disability, I'm often asked questions. Usually they ask because their curious. The children that approach me are especially precious because they just can't understand why a young person like me is in a wheelchair.

I've often said I would rather people ask questions than be misinformed with information that couldn't be further from the truth.

Thinking of you as you embark on this journey of caring for a special needs child.


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