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Thursday, November 26, 2009


When your mind is occupied with thanking Me, you have no time for worrying or complaining. If you practice thankfulness consistently, negative thought patterns will gradually grow weaker and weaker. Draw near to Me with a grateful heart, and My Presence will fill you with Joy and Peace....Jesus Calling.

I am SO thankful for my family. Mike and I are so blessed to have so much support from our siblings and parents. When we first started the journey of our first transracial adoption our parents had many questions. We had answers for most of them, but many of them we did not. We KNEW that the Lord was calling us down this path and we knew that MOST wouldn't understand but if we didn't follow the calling we would be disobedient. (remember obedience TRUMPS worst case scenario!) Needless to say, that left quite a few uncertain thoughts in our parents minds about a LIFE CHANGING decision that their children were about to make. Thankfully, they gave us their support even though they were a little apprehensive of the hardship that we might encounter in the years to come. Truly, what mom and dad WANTS their children to CHOOSE hardship? Joshua was born November 9, and we brought him home Thanksgiving Day. Once he was home and there was a name, face, and a squeezable little body to add to the whole situation, it became clear, CRYSTAL CLEAR, why the Lord had called us to this child. THANKFULNESS.....

Fast forward two years and Caleb was born November 8, and we brought him home just in time for Thanksgiving. Everyone was so excited and as a mom to 6, I felt the Lords presence more heavily than I had EVER in my life.....THANKFULNESS.

FAST forward two MORE years and here we are. When Mike and I were walking through the days of learning about Josie Love's sickness, our hearts were shattered (broken doesn't do it justice) for her little heart, body , and soul for what she had and will go through in her lifetime. Once again, the future would be a rocky road, but we KNEW that our families would support us 100% in caring for her for the rest of her life. Not only caring but LOVING her with our whole hearts, and I am watching it unfold right before my very eyes! THANKFULNESS.....

Last night we were with my family and I watched as my nieces, nephews, siblings, brother-in-laws, and sister-in-law LOVED my sweet little angel with their WHOLE HEARTS! THANKFULNESS......

We are preparing to load up and go to the Mayernicks for lunch today. Mike's younger sister just got home on Saturday with her little girl from India. I can't wait to get my hands on little Mia. Mike's Dad will BOLDY say that his life has been FOREVER changed through adoption. The scales have fallen off of his eyes and he sees things so clearly...LOVE THAT! He had this poem waiting for us when we got home with Josie....

Santa has already visited the Mayernick Clan.
Look back with me as I reflect on God's Plan.

From across the blue waters came two girls from above.

From India came Mia and from Uganda, Josie Love.

They have joined their new families and will surely grow stronger.

Thanks be to God, They are orphans no longer.



Anonymous said...

I loved seeing ya'll last night! I cannot wait to watch Caleb ad Joshua become strong, Godly men...I can't wait to watch Josie Love grow up to be a beautiful, Godly woman...Miller Ann...already has a kind, precious heart...Annabelle is extremely smart, and knows what her role is as a Godly big sister, what a treat it will be to see her grow into a wonderful woman...Michael, how sweet and tender his heart is...He is already a strong man of God...and Grace, I can't wait to grow up and do school life with you! I lov you soooo much and am SO thankful God has blessed me with you!!!



"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praising God for all of the wonderful babes that are rejoicing!!!!! YEAH!!!

Unknown said...

Suzanne - with joy and a smile all over my face and heart - I shout AMEN!

What a journey and precious testimony of God's complete faithfulness! His ability to change hearts astounds me!

I stand in awe of Him and thanking Him for your heart willing to obey!

Love and blessings,

Anonymous said...

what an amazing post..that poem is the sweetest thing ever...Love it!! Happy Happy Thanksgiving! When can we set a play date...Ani and Adelyn are ready to hang with Josie Wuv!!!!! Love you guys!

florence said...

I know your cup must be running over! God is so good! What an amazing God we serve- it is not beyond Him to change hearts and to bring two worlds together through adoption. I never get tired of hearing your story. Have a wonderfully FULL Thanksgiving with your family!

Kim said...

Proof in the truth that blessings follow obedience. I am THANKFUL for your example!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

theheartofachild said...

That poem from Mike's dad is priceless! Love and support from the family is so awesome. We started the adoption journey with my dad being so worried about the finances and what that might do to us down the road. Today at Thanksgiving he is saying, can you email someone over in India and tell them to hurry up cuz her Grandpa and Grandma want her home:-) So thankful the Lord has softened his heart and now he understands why we are dong what we are doing!
Wore my "Speak up...." sweatshirt to Thanksgiving dinner today:-) Love it!
Happy Thanksgiving!
(waiting for Abby in India)

Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne, Mike, and crew. Knowing you is such a blessing in my life. I can't wait for Pray to meet his new buddies.

Jodi said...

Wow, you are really lucky. Our family,for the most part, is not supportive or happy about our adoption. You are lucky indeed. Bless you all!

Jodi L

Beautiful Mess said...

So thankful for you! Your story which is HIS story. A lovely one indeed!

Renee said...

I am IN LOVE with that picture of the 3 of them on your bed!! Josie has had this look on her face since she arrived-this beautiful big smile that says, "I'm HOME!" It is so crazy to think she was an ocean away just a few weeks ago, and now not only is she's like SHE knows that she BELONGS here! Amazing. I love this post and I'm THANKFUL for your living, breathing testimony of His redemption, faithfulness and LOVE! Your family (immediate and extended) are setting a beautiful example and plowing the way for many to follow! LOVE YOU!

That Fresh Feeling said...

Love the pics and love your sweet family! and that poem...oh what truth it tells.

Praising our Father. All things good come from him. "The earth is the Lord's and everything in it." Psalm 24:1

Blessings, Amy

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I have nothing else to say...we serve a MIGHTY God!


SimplyDarlene said...

Thank you for being used by God to break my heart for Him! My family is inspired by yours, Gwen's, and Katie's.

Many blessings.

Amy said...

This is so beautiful. I am so happy for your family and I hope we can meet at one of the fellowship meetings sometime soon.

jandldreisbach said...

Hey - Love you blog - we are missionaries in the Philippnes and thot you might want to check out one of our daughter's blogs as they have just adopted 2 darlings from ethiopia... We have taken in 10 abandoned newborns here and raised some until they were adopted out of our home. WONDERFUL LABOR!!! We were Blessed!!

Anonymous said...



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