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Sunday, November 15, 2009

once again.....i am in Amsterdam...but NOT ALONE!

I wish I could post a picture of JLovie and me sitting side by side on the computers, I will try to do it later. I decided to put Dora the Explorer on my laptop so that I could blog on the airports PC. I must say it deserves a photo op. She is singing "backpack backpack". Our first flight was amazing. She slept the entire flight and only cried during the landing. Of course, it was her normal bedtime, so this next one might be a little more challenging...OR NOT...I' m going to be optimistic.

"Worship day" was great as usual. One of my favorite parts of the day is when the children leave with the bag of food she has given them for their family. It is a trail of over 300 children carrying bright green bags on their heads. It is imprinted in my mind. We took a walk to the land that Katie is in the process of buying. It is beautiful! Our hopeful plan is to plant MANY vegetables and fruits, have cows, goats, and chickens, and help the community be self sustaining. Katie and I walked away envisioning what it will look like one day full of food, milk, eggs, fruit etc....for her community. The thought of it just gives me chills. The Ugandan people are just lovely. That is normally not a word that I would choose to describe someone, but they are just...LOVELY!

We are so excited to see our family. I can't wait to get home to cool weather. The thought of just keeping my jammies on all day (i have been known to do carpool MANY a time in my jammies) and letting Jlovie, Caleb, and Joshua play all day is so appealing. I think I'll just build a fire and work puzzles and play trains all day. MaMa is tired of traveling and being away from home.

We had a great day at Auntie Katie's church and relaxing/packing the second half. Leaving was heartbreaking. Christene completely broke down while holding Josie and Katie's girls were crying because they know it will be awhile before i return and were SO sad to see Josie go. We were all just a big ole bucket of tears. I love that family. Katie is doing such a great job with them...they are SO special to me. I am TRULY blessed to have had Katie and her family love on Josie at such a hard time. I am so thankful that God gives us little glimpses of His love for us through other people!

More to come later. I want to grab some food and get to the gate! PRAY!


KT said...


Mallory said...

Oh i cannor wait to see you!!!! Praying that the secon flight is going well! Love you lots and glad to say i am only counting down the hours now!!!

emily said...

Welcome home my dear friend. How precious that we were on African soil together. Can't even wait for all (Gwen included) African babies to be together!! Love you.

Beautiful Mess said...

So excited!

missy said...

anxiously awaiting pictures of your joyous reunion with family and friends. so glad you are no longer traveling alone!

missy said...

p.s. i also have to add my amen on carpooling in jammies! :)

That Fresh Feeling said...

So happy for your family! Singing praises to our Lord:-)

Anonymous said...

So excited to meet your precious Josie Love.
Praying for your safe return to your family. Your continued
strength is so refreshing!
Love and hugs
Michael and Amy

Oatsvall Team said...

get home !!!!!

Victoria Searer said...

I just saw Gwen post on FB that they were leaving for the airport! How I wish we could be there! I'm so happy for y'all & that Mandy & Brian will have Mia home soon too! Praying that everything goes smoothly today!
With Much Love, Part of your Texas Cousins, Victoria, Nate, Caro & Rowdy

Jaime And Drew said...

Welcome home beautiful girl!!

Gran said...

Thanks for such a beautiful posting. What a blessing. We will look forward to seeing Josie Love and Mia at Thanksgiving. Mandy and Brian made it to India safely, so we have much to be thankful for in our family.
My love to all--also Ben sends his love; he is sitting right here beside me.
Gran/MaMa Gaye

Anonymous said...

ok...sooo JLovie is all I thought she would be TIMES 1 MILLION!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT LITTLE FACE!!!!



Anonymous said...

Santa has already visited the Mayernick Clan.
Look back with me as I reflect on God's Plan.

From across the blue waters came two girls from above.

From India came Mia and from Uganda, Josie Love.

They have joined their new families and will surely grow stronger.

Thanks be to God, They are orphans no longer.

Ruthie Hopkins said...

So glad you are both home. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Love you.


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