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Saturday, April 28, 2012


Yesterday my heart beat to a different THUMP.  Our elementary school ROCKED the house!  their miles combined, they ran past Africa all the way to Australia!!  We built SIXTEEN houses for the families in Mt. Olivos ( the fundraising for these homes is now complete!!) and we raised over $40,000!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED!!!
 Rhonda Wicks (hearts2honduras), Jan Eberle(147 million orphans: lifesaver for Gwen and I :) and myself...anxiously awaiting the results
 the grades wore different colors...they looked like a pack of M&M's :)

I can ALWAYS count on these two girls to be an extra set of hands!!!

                                          Annabelle is a blur because she is so fast!
 Eden Hannah Doyle just flew home from Uganda on Tuesday, was So excited to cheer on her brothers and sisters!

i got the pleasure of holding Rhonda's grand baby for a few minutes...precious!


Jenn Nahrstadt said...! my eyes are welling with tears as i read this and realize what a difference this is going to make in the lives of those people in that little village in honduras. and that little girl who drew the picture on the ground of her village will have 16--SIXTEEN--houses to add to her picture. amazing. thanks be to God!

btw, LOVE the haircut!

EmilyElla said...

Suzanne, That's wonderful!!

I would like to know how one would go about organizing a fundraiser like this??! If it can happen once, why not twice or more?


Sarah said...

I am BLOWN AWAY by CPA's elementary kiddos!!! WOW! Thanks for the pictures and sharing the full story. And sweet EH is looking very excited : ) Love it!

Laine said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! GOD is so faithful!!!!

graphic design hervey bay said...

i have been witness the day because my kid was involve on it. I see how it was enjoyable.


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