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Monday, April 2, 2012


I am such a LOSER when it comes to posting frequently. I feel as though I could give you a list as long as my arm to explain WHY I do not have time....but I want to go to bed. I cannot wait to feel my pillow on my cheek. BUT, I have to share what my past few weeks have held.

I am renovating my kitchen. I think of that Dr. Seuss book where the children kept feeding the fish and it grew and grew and grew and grew. It went from a fish bowl to a swimming pool and so on....that was my family...we just keep growing and growing and growing. Not only do WE keep growing, but so do Grace's big ole' basketball playing guy friends! Their heads bump the light fixtures, their limbs stretch from one end of the room to the other..CRAZY BUSINESS. And I really desire for my home to be "THAT house" where everyone gathers and feels comfortable. And honestly, my life now is just a preview of what the future holds for my family in the next few years with Michael, Joshua, and Caleb's buddies.

I am always baking/freezing/storing meals for Michael that are gluten-free, so an extra big freezer is making me SMILE!

So, the past two weeks have been CRAZY with no kitchen. first of all, WHO KNEW I had so much CRAP in my kitchen cabinets? 12 years of storing stuff....completely over the top. SO, I purged! we have been eating out of two different rooms for breakfast and lunch and eating out every night. NOW, to some, that sounds fabulous. For me? Taking Caleb (wild man) and Josie Love (miss little social butterfly that has to stop/speak/hug every stranger she meets) out at the bewitching hours every day has been EXHAUSTING, not to mention EXPENSIVE.

I AM NOT COMPLAINING, (just venting a little haha) because my new kitchen is more that i could have ever imagined, and I haven't even gotten to the main reason that I decided to blog tonight...

I have had the opportunity EVERY SINGLE DAY to share Christ. I have had every type of "tradesman" come through my front door: plumbers, electricians, painters, cabinet makers, appliance deliverers, contractors, hard wood guys, tile layers ( I know all of these descriptions are not correct, but you get the picture) NOT ONE that walked through my front door, by the time they walked OUT, hadn't asked questions about my family. The first few days were comical. i could just see their eyes spinning, as my kids run through the door after school. Our contractor has two children and he has made multiple comments about our "army of a family." (however, he DID tell me that my "dinnertime" was a "well oiled machine!" and he was "in awe" haha) Not to mention, our dog, Bentley, attacking the plumbers as their legs hang out while their heads have disappeared underneath the sink! Each day that has passed, their eyes have grown warmer and warmer. The questions began, one by one, and I have shared HIS love and heart for the least of these time and time again. JUST by me and my family living life.

breakfast. lunch. homework. ball practices. piano. dinner. bath time. bed.

strangers. wondering. thinking. asking. learning.

ADOPTION: the simplest way to show (not speak) Christ's LOVE. SO thankful.


Kim said...


mrs.stinnett said...

Studying for teaching Sunday School this week I read Luke 24 where Jesus appears to the 2 while they are on their way to Emmaus and reveals who He is while they are sharing a simple meal. He shows up and reveals himself in the common of our everyday! Thanks for allowing us to see into your everyday and how you faithfully participate with him!

Nancy said...

That's just awesome! And congrats on a new kitchen!


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