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Thursday, April 5, 2012

He is Risen

I've been feeling the urge to blog but have been "empty headed" on what to write. When I think about the Easter season, I am in total awe of what Christ did for me. lil' ole' me. He hung on a cross full of splinters, thorns in his flesh, and was beaten LITERALLY to death.

All of the information that is being brought to light about child slavery/children soldiers/sex trafficking is waking us up. It is showing the hate that people really have in their hearts around the world. If we REALLY open our eyes and hearts to these situations we should be broken and LONG to help. I cant help but think about the day that Christ hung on the cross. What if I had been standing in the crowd? Would I have been fighting to get to him? Would I have been crying so hard that I was paralyzed? Would I have fought to my death to help him? Or would I just stand in shock?

I like to think that I would have fought to my death. I often wonder why the disciples didn't compile a group of men and fight on Christ's behalf. i know that He told them that it was going to come to pass, but come on!! help a brother out! ( I have so many questions to ask when i sit at HIS feet one day...)

So, what do we do with the things that we KNOW about? All of the "wrongdoings" that are being done to children around the world?

rewind a few months ago... Gwen and I received a Facebook message that asked us if we would do a "FREE 1" tee. Our friend explained her situation to us and we said "YEEEES" we will do a "FREE 1" tee!

Get a load of this story: A young lady (25 years old) lives in Haiti. Megan Boudreaux is her name... (and she is AWESOME! ) She started a ministry named RESPIRE HAITI. (pronounced re/spe/rae)

-Respire Haiti was founded in December of 2010. Megan moved there in January 2011 by herself and met Michaelle (who's now her 8 year old) and started learning about Restaveks (child saves) later, she added another little girl to her family:)

-In January of 2010 she started 1 feeding program (with 70 children, now it's 2 programs, 700 children).

-Also started school in 1 room building 97 kids.
-Then she started learning more about restaveks. Realized that 80% of her 97 students were restaveks. Did some therapy with them (from American psychologists who came in) to figure out how to best help them.
-School started growing and in October- 356 children...same statistic (80% restavek). Now she's doing more in depth and PROactive dealing with the community regarding the situation of restavek.
-She has begun and will further grow her educational programs in Haiti and for the community and her school. Additionally she is desiring to start a "safehouse" for children that need to be immediately removed from the situation.

After Megan messaged Gwen and I, we went to "check her out"...look at her pics, aka "stalk her" and look who I found in her the pink to the right of Megan!!!
YEP! you got it!! Josie LOVE! and look to the left of Megan (two children to the left in the dress with the white lace around the collar) it's DAISY!!
NOW HOW IS THAT FOR GOD CONNECTING THE DOTS?!?! She knew and loved our children LONG before we did...Megan actually started in Uganda and ended in Haiti.

As I reflect back to the day of the crucifixion, I was NOT there and now I cannot do anything to help. But, one day I will stand before HIM and my heart aches for him to look at me and claim me as HIS own. I ache to hear the words "well done my good and faithful servant."
My daily prayer is "make my heart yearn for what yours years for. make my heart break for what yours breaks for. help me to LOVE the way that YOU love."
I look around at all of the "20somethings" who are giving their life away. They are yearning, and are broken, and are LOVING like no other.

The stone rolled away, and HE WAS ALIVE! What a MIGHTY God I serve!
Well, I am alive today and I WILL do my part to help Megan in all that she is doing in can help too...
come and see our "FREE 1" tee...

Restavek Unisex Tee

We have earrings coming...made from broken bottles. Megan has a group of people that she is helping to be self sustainable. they are making these beautiful earrings for us.....cannot wait for you to see them:)

Happy Easter! HE IS RISEN!


Treasures Evermore said...

Wow...incredible post.

J.J. said...

This is AWESOME.
I have a question, what does restavek mean???
I can't believe the picture of her in Uganda with your kids. CRAZY. And amazingly awesome. :)
You go girls!!!!!!

Karen Twombly said...

God is amazing, always putting the right people in the right places. It's so faith-building to see!! Megan must have been so happy to find out that some of these kids are in their "forever homes!" Do you know any of the other kids?

Karen said...

AMAZING! God SOOOOOOO connecting you guys! Thanks for that miraculous story as we kick off the miraculous weekend!

Mommy Elizabeth said...

That is amazing. The photo is just amazing. Praying for her. Thank you so much for sharing, Happy Easter.

Jenny said...

AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing!!

afogg said...

Suzanne, That just blew me AWAY!!!!!! Praying for Megan and thanking God for her work. I get so mad that I limit God and His AMAZING Goodness!! Loving on those babies until you and Gwen could get there!!! Will be ordering a shirt!! :-) Love you girl

Molly said...

Hi Mrs. Mayernick! I found your blog through 147 million orphans (which I found through another blog); I was looking at the picture on the site and thought, wait, I KNOW THEM! You probably don't remember me, but this is HubbaHubba, from the Bluffs (07 and 08; I was Miller Anne's counselor in 08). Anyway, it was good to see your family on the interwebs and see what you all are doing and what the Lord is doing through you. Your family is one I have remembered over the years as an encouragement in my life. I will be following your blog and 147! Blessings.


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