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Sunday, April 22, 2012


this week holds so much excitement on the 147 Million Orphans front!!  
we now have our non-profit status in our foundation!  you can now give funds and get a tax deduction!!   go to  we CANNOT wait for money to come in, so we can give it all away!! we have so many great ministries that we know the people personally, and are so excited about helping them.
when i returned from Honduras i was VERY outspoken about my desire to help build homes in mt. olivos.  those people grabbed a big piece of my heart.  i have a sweet friend named karen logan that is a huge support  of 147 and my family. She has children that attend the same school that mine do. (deep down i think my kids and i are comic relief for her)  One thing that I LOVE about her, is she ACTS.  If she sees a need, she is ON IT! After reading my blog about our Honduras trip,  Karen decided to take mt olivos before our elementary school as a fundraiser.  she had a plan that we could incorporate exercise with raising money! (what a novel thought)  she set up:  "run. build. go."  we launched it with a chapel.  I shared about my time in Honduras and encouraged everybody to help the children of mt olivos. we explained that they could RUN, we would BUILD, and then they can actually GO visit and see the houses !  (and maybe help build a few)  every child was given a necklace.  every mile that they ran, they received a little colored foot to hang on the necklace.  they could run at recess, PE, or at home.  their goal was 26.2 miles.  Most everyone ran at least that amount.  They asked for donations per mile.  the money is flowing in!  She has worked tirelessly to make this thing happen, and i TRULY believe she will see the fruits of her labor at the end of this week.  Our last day is Friday...I am SO excited to see how many houses our elementary school will build.  MillerAnne has run 38 miles!!
I have a theory.. look around at the people around you... what are they doing with their time... and MONEY?   where those two things are... so is their hearts.  you can't be like God and not be a giver.  "give and it will be given unto you.  be a CHEERFUL giver.   it TRULY is more blessed to give than receive."

stay tuned...I will let you know how much we raise!!!  we can build a house for $2500!


RACHEL said...

That necklace is a BRILLIANT idea!


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