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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blood Water Mission

Mike and I went to a fundraiser for Blood Water Mission.  I was blown away.  I have always liked them...but now I love them.

 They had it all broken down as to how you can help:

$1 equals a year of clean water for an African.
$300 equals a year of comprehensive treatment for a person with HIV.
$600 provides 20 community latrines to promote healthy sanitation practices.
$1,000 provides sanitation training at five schools
$1,200 provides one year of pre and post natal care to help a child be born  free of HIV
$2,000 provides one year of education and support for an HIV home based care group.
$5,000 provides testing and counseling services at a comprehensive health clinic for a year.
$18,000 covers the operating costs of the Tumaini Clinic in Marsabit, Kenya for a month
$75,000 builds a dam reservoir providing water for 3,000 people

Mike Hamilton is the president now.  The Lord connected me to his wife while I was in Uganda and found out Josie was HIV positive.  She emailed me to affirm me that everything was going to be okay, and to tell me that they brought home a sibling group and the youngest was positive.  At the time, they were not disclosing that she is positive.  NOW, they are using their VOICE and their platform to educate and encourage.  I LOVE how Christ does that!  Their little girls name is "Kalu" which means "spread the word"....WHAT ABOUT THAT?!?!?  After hearing that, I googled Josephine...  the meaning?  "HE will enlarge".....WOW!  I literally dropped my head and said a prayer of thanksgiving.  I am SO thankful that HE is allowing little ole me to be part of a story that HE WILL ENLARGE!  I sat at my fundraising table hearing all of the stories of how HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people die of HIV/AIDS daily, and HE has entrusted me with a survivor of this disease.  WHY?  Because He is going to do great things through people KNOWING her story.  HE is going to ENLARGE our territory, so we can EDUCATE people on what it looks like to walk in blind faith and how HE will show HIS face OVER and OVER and OVER again if we will just CLING to HIM.  COME ON PEOPLE...just get a little taste of what HE can do and you will want more and more!  I want you to feel it, FEEL the JOY that only HE can give you.
say YES to something RADICAL and CRAZY...let HIM show HIS face to will NEVER be the same.


Kim said...

Amen! It was an amazing night! And like you, we SO impressed and moved! I was also wishing we were at the same table. Hoping our lives intersect more often!
Love & Blessings,

Karen said...

I love your enthusiam... your reach out in His name and to step our faithfully and radically.

mrs.stinnett said...

Thanks for letting us tag along on the journey!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Cole said...

Thanks for sharing, Suzanne! Your words were a timely word from the Lord for me today. We are in the process of adopting a positive child and have recently disclosed our plans. Of course in the same week there have been mulitiple posts or comments from those who feel strongly that parents shouldn't disclose. I was a little discouraged today, even though I know we are following God's leading, but He used your joy and clarity of purpose to encourage my heart!

Jen said...

Hi Suzanne,
My husband and I are trying to adopt from Uganda indpendently 1-2 children 3-11 years old and are having a hard time finding a referral. We may be traveling to Uganda the end of this month and are looking for any suggestions on places to go and approach. We are also big fans of Katie and plan to visit her while we are there. Any advice would be such a blessing.

mattclarkbloodwater said...

Thanks for your advocacy and support!

-Matt from Blood:Water

Jen said...

Hi Suzanne, Thanks for posting great info! My husband and I are trying to find a referral to adopt from Uganda independently and I think I contacted you for advice, but forgot to include an email-it's

Rachel Graham said...

I just had to let you know how much this post meant to me!! We are just finishing our home study and we are saying we are open to HIV. Lately, I have struggled, should we really do this, but I totally feel God telling us to. This has totally confirmed to me that we should!!
Rachel Graham


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