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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Haiti here we come!!!

Emily and the youngest sister:)
i thought i had a pic of the oldest sister and i had my video camera on instead:(:(

Jackson rocking her MINUS 2 tee!!!

I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!   I went to the airport today to welcome home two little angels!  My friends Jackson and Emily Routh have been in process to bring these girls home for about 15-18 months...THEY ARE FINALLY HOME!!!  Nothing makes my heart sing more.  Forever mama, forever daddy, forever bothers, forever sisters!  They are three and five.  Emily and Jackson were a little nervous as to how they were to to act upon their arrival.  Much to their JOY, the girls came screaming out of the childrens home, ALL SMILES, pointing to the guest house, as if to say..we want to go WITH YOU!!!  They stayed with their new family that night, boarded a plane ALL SMILES, and havent quit smiling yet!!  It is so exciting to see children finally coming home to their forever families after the earthquake.  I didn't know if the papers/courts would ever clear up!  

SOOOO, guess who is heading to HAITI???? The mama's from 147 Million Orphans!  Gwen, Michelle, Jan, Katy(our photographer) and I are boarding a flight the first week of June.  we will be visiting two organizations that we are in process of joining efforts to care for orphans.  WE are SO excited!!

NOW...your job!  we leave for HAITI on June 4th and we are giving you an opportunity to FEED OVER 1000 children for a week while we are there ..."Bucks from YOU for BAGS OF FOOD." donate to our foundation ( go the "how you can help" page) and we will deliver the food for you !!! 
"John 13:35 by this all men will know that you are my disciples by how you LOVE 1 another." 

YOU get to partner with us to feed children while we are there!  You can actually help us to feed every child in two feeding programs, a school, and a childrens home....come on!! lets do this!!


Janelle@AStoryofGrace said...

What an exciting opportunity to get to travel to Haiti. I will be praying for the trip.


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