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Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am SO thankful for my family. Mike and I are SO blessed that we have very close-knit families. The support and love that we feel daily exceeds anything that this world has to offer. We weren't able to be with Mike's family this year because of sickness and Thanksgiving just wasn't the same!

We went to my mom's for our traditional dinner. As I sat at the table and looked at each one of the faces around the table, I couldn't help to send up a little prayer of thankfulness. My sister-in-law (LaneAnn) that passed away this year was an EXCELLENT cook. She always WOWED us with her yummy toll house pie. My brother decided that he was going to try and bake it this year (since she is no longer here to do it) and it was DELICIOUS!! We oooohed and aaaahed while we ate it. (While all three sisters just oozed about how proud we were of him!) It took us back to last year and how ill she was at our family dinner. Tears were shed as we spoke of how happy we are that she is healed and in heaven with our Savior. Their children seem to be doing well. They have definitely had their "healing moments" but overall, I feel that the Lord is giving them the strength the need for mourning.

We went to my brothers house to visit a few weeks ago. He had pumpkins picked, hayride ready, bonifre, and poles prepared for fishing! My family had an ABSOLUTE blast!


Unknown said...

What a hard blow to your family to lose your sister-in-law. Thankful to hear that God is healing your hearts and blessing all of you with His peace.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Glad you had a good time.

Lindsay said...

Such sweet sweet pictures. Love getting to keep up with your precious family. What a blessing you are to so many! :)


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