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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walking a Mile in Their Shoes

Make that a marathon!

Suzanne (my friend and partner in crimestopping) has asked me to blog while I am living a life completely foreign to me. I have the privilege of staying in the Mayernick home with Mike and Suzanne's 7 kids plus my 2 for the next 4 days! Me and my girls, Kenzie (14) and Tyler (13) got here last night and the fun hasn't stopped. This life is a HOOT!

One thing I've learned in my first 24 hours is that there is an abundance of wildlife at the Mayernick home (and I don't mean just the children). This morning we were having so much fun that a bird decided to join us INSIDE the house! Oh my, 9 kids (and me) running and screaming around the house chasing the bird (or running from it like I was) started our day off in the best way EVER! We have belly laughed about that one all day. Thankfully my prince charming, Mike (yes my husband is a Mike too... hmmm must be something about that name) had just arrived and he was able to catch the little birdie and set it free! I honestly think the bird would've just had to stay with us for the week if I had to get it out. Luckily Michael caught a pic from his phone of the temporary house guest...

And if that wasn't enough of nature for me in a day, tonight after dinner Michael Mayernick nearly stepped on a opossum that apparently hangs out here nightly!?! That ought to be exciting... Lord Please let that opossum stay OUTSIDE!!!

Seriously, I have laughed and smiled today more than anyone should! And those of you that know me know that I laugh A LOT!!! This is a busy life and I'm only 24 hours in, but it is a rewarding life. The Mayernick 7 are a FABULOUS group! The hugs make up for the spills and the smiles totally wipe away any mistakes I make (2 outfits in the laundry solely because doing diapers is NOT like riding a bike, it does not "just come back to you" after 12 years).

I am a tired momma tonight! For the past 24 hours I have lived a life I've often wondered about and have 3 days to go. I pray I can get us all to school on time tomorrow because If I get 6 kids tardy demerits it will be traumatic I'm sure! I will let you know how tomorrow goes... all prayers are welcomed! I will leave you with two more pics of the oldest girls in the house this week Grace and Kenzie...

Grace comes downstairs as I'm drowning in koolaid, jello, chicken casserole (thanks suzanne it was terrific) and I look up to see this...

Grace starts swim team practice for the first time tomorrow and said "Its gonna be a loooonnnggg season" hahahhahahaha I love this girl! So grateful she and Kenzie are such sweet friends.

Here is Kenzie who is used to being the princess of the house after today...

Peace and Blessings from the Mayernick Home!

Tosha Haynes


Jim and April said...

very cute post! loved hearing your thoughts on their wonderful family!

jill funkhouser said...

I love this post. This is what I feel like at our house and I only have 4 little ones. Isn't life great. Sometimes it frustrates me to have people in the house and they cannot take the loudness or noise or the craziness. Life is grand. Thanks for lifting me up..I am struggling these days with finding friends in a small town! Lots of love and blessings!
Praying for you all as well! Wish I could join the fun!

The Via Colony said...

Just found your blog while searching for other families going through a Uganda adoption. We JUST began our journey. I'm excited to read through your blog about your journey...

We Are Family said...

SERIOUSLY, you must be the best friend ever!

Unknown said...

How wonderful that you could give them some time away.


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