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Thursday, August 27, 2009


WE ARE COMING JOSIE LOVE!! We got the call Tuesday morning on the way to school! Our court date is September 14th!!! We will fly out on the 9th, so that we are sure to get there in time. I have to be very intentional while I am there to dress her nice so that I show the Ugandan people that I can care for her. At court we are suppose to wear our Sunday best and MAKE SURE that she is wearing shoes. You guys are going to see the cutest hairbows, shoes and outfits that you've ever seen before!! Mama has already been shopping! Annabelle and MillerAnne are very particular about what they wear.....they wanna look all grown up and like Grace. SO, Mama is having so much fun dressing a little girl again!! I emailed and asked for her sizes....their response was 18-24 months clothes and size 4 shoes. My eyes filled with tears......REALLY? REALLY? How can it be that a 3 year old little girl can be that small? Makes my heart ache to think about it. I am going to be packing the most delicious, nutritious snacks for her to start growing the moment I arrive. Aunt Mary (stateside for Amani Baby Cottage) assures me that the first six months she is home she will look like a totally different kid.
So, in the meantime, I am TRYING to get SOMEWHAT organized to be able to leave the other 6 behind for an indefinite amount of time. We're hoping for 2 weeks, but after looking at the paper work, I can't imagine it being less than three.....ALTHOUGH I SERVE A MIGHTY GOD WHO IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!!!
prayer Warriers: pray for fast travel, warfare....any snags that might arise while i am there, health for my ENTIRE family, and strength and patience for those that will be helping here at home.

Will post again in a few days with our new products from 147 Million are going to love them!!!!


Erin said...

YAYYY!!!! So excited for you guys!

Don't worry so much about the size issue.... Jackson was 3 years, 11 months when he came home, and was wearing size 18 months - 2T, and is now solidly on the 5 year old growth curve (at the bottom, but still) and wearing size 5's. They chunk up really quick, even though they all come home tiny :)


Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Don't worry, Dr. S will have that girly on Poly-Vi-Sol before you can shake a stick and then you'll be smelling that yucky stuff in your dreams! :) hehehe I guess you'll be getting some of the Kristi J bow hook-up... I wish I had a baby with little hair just so I could use those bows! :) I just can't wait to see the difference in this child when she gets some Mayernick lovin'. She just cries out fo ra mama, doesn't she? I'm so excited to just get to meet her.

Jack was 13 months when he came home, he weighed 17 pounds and was in a size 6 months. He gained so much weight over the first few months he actually got chubby (which has never happened again once his height caught his weight.)

Just one word of caution, be careful about pumping her little body full of nutrition while you are traveling. Keep her diet as bland and similar as possible. I learned the hard way that GI tracts that are used to starch day and night don't deal well with lots of diet changes in stressful situations. Let's just say we threw away more outfits in Russia and the plane ride home than we came home with... it's sorta hard to wash those explosions out of clothes in a plane sink. hehehe Oh well, first time mama, I got a very quick initiation! And Hep A to prove my ignorance, but that's a whole OTHER story! :) hehehe

So happy for you, sister! Ondrea

Diane said...

We've been lifting up your sweet Josie Love in our family prayer time, before bed:)!! Now, we well add sweet Josie's Mama's prayer requests, too!! Best advice, breathe!!! :) Many, many prayers and hugs to carry you all through your days here until your days together with your sweet daughter, Josie L O V E!!!!

Stephanie said...

So excited for y'all!!! :D Praying that everything goes smoothly!

Beautiful Mess said...

Congratulations! That is awesome!

Jenn in GA said...

what exciting news! it'll really take 3 weeks? i'm sure that the family will miss you, but with your helper and 2 grandmas, they'll be fine. God will give them extra strength.

i too find it hard to believe josie's clothing and shoe sizes. she will change so much your head will probably spin! what are your plans for her hair? katie's girls could help you, i'm sure, but have you thought about cutting it really short like they wear it?

will be praying for you and mike as you go. mike is going, right?

Abbie said...


Florence said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so thrilled for you! Have been following the growth of your family for the past few years and it is the most beautiful thing to see all your children thriving in a home where Christ is honored and exalted.

We brought Anna home when she was 3, also. 24 month old clothes. She is still skinny, but has caught up to average height/weight for her age.

Can't wait to follow your journey to bring Josie Love home. We will be praying for all the things you listed.

Kim said...

I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see Josie Love in your arms! We will be praying for you all from Hong Kong!
Love & Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Awesome news. Congratulations! Looking forward to more updates.

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

OH MY WORD.....I AM JUMPING UP AND DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!!! I am so excited that Josie Love is coming home!!! I am going to be praying non-stop for y'all. Are all of your kiddos going? I can't wait to see her with your precious family.

Love y'all,


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