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Monday, August 17, 2009

to serve or not to serve....

I was going to wait to post until we had an update from Amani but just could not do it. As I went for a run this morning the Lord just kept whispering in my ear. So, I thought I'd share what is on my mind and heart. We just spent the weekend at our cabin on Center Hill lake. We LOVE going there to get away, it is one of our MOST favorite places as a family. Bananagrams, clue jr., movies by the fire......ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! On the norm we go to the marina to eat several times 1)because the food is fab and 2) I just do not want to cook. As we walk along the path surrounded with REALLY fast speed boats (my boys are in awe) and the biggest, nicest house boats one has ever seen I often ask myself "are we really here?!" And then WITHOUT FAIL I am jolted back into reality by someone stopping and asking me "if all of these kids are yours, "octomom has nothing on you!", "if you don't mind me asking.....where did you get your boys?"," are they brothers?" NOW, if you know me very well, you know that I do not have the gift of grace. Although, I will say that The Lord has given me an extra dose of it with each child. What use to aggravate me, NOW I see as an opportunity to educate. (hahaha) NOW what does make my heart ACHE is that my family seems to be so ABNORMAL. SO, my question to you today is "what are you doing to serve others today?" How are you stepping out of your normal day to day life and sacrificing for someone else? School is starting back, routines are forming again from the summer laziness..... SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT IS NOT ON YOUR SCHEDULE? How are you stepping out and trusting God to walk with you through darkness? Is your whole day planned? Just give HIM a small little opening to NOT know what is going to is TOTAL freedom! You will love it! NOW in the beginning, you might feel a little uncomfortable but in the end you are going to feel SO free!! We were created to serve and walk by faith....FREE UP! enjoy Him living life for you! Just start by giving him 5 minutes today......
We are hoping to hear about a court date this week.....I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...




Diane said...

Hi Suzanne,

Been hopping onto your blog for a time now:) Met you at Gwen's fundraiser, and, just absolutely know God Blessed both you and Gwen so much as friends, your family, who I have met through your blog as well as following you on The Journey while in Uganda loving on Katie's Kids:) ANYWHO....loved today's post, I understand the "questions and comments" I too, have had to grow in God's Grace in the handling of questions, and now, realize it is truly what adoptive parents and children are called to do with so much love and pride for our families! Your family, my family, Gwen's growing, ever growing Team:)....we're a reflection of the Body of Christ....WOW, how blessed are we to be in His Body, I'm starting to think, really hope and Pray, that maybe, Suzanne in Jesus' Eyes our families are the "normal" and those that still have yet have their eyes and ears and hearts really opened they could maybe be the "abnormal" ones...maybe, in a perfect world:)

Praying, praying for your sweet Josie Love, Joseph, Abigail, Katie....and all her kids:)

Oatsvall Team said...

sister, you know i had my plans today and God just flipped them all around and gave me my daughter .... lol .... so glad you walk w/ me on the windy path with blinders on ... love ya

Anonymous said...

Your family is far from abnormal! I think its fantastic that you have decided to grow your family through adoption....Praying for all of you!! God Bless Isabelle.

Renee said...

Tears are rolling, my heart is full! These pictures of Josie Love, your sweet words that challenge and bless me, sweet sister. Your family is a testimony to the grace and love of our sweet Lord. I can't wait to see Josie!!!
love ya,

Renee said...

And what ARE you going to do with all that hair?? haha!! :) so precious!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Girl, girl.... God steers this ship every day.... I think maybe He's thinking I need a little LESS free time and a little more planning! :) hehehe


KT said...

good reminder and encouragement!

annabelle said...

We are praying for yall.Post more on here and we will post back.We miss yall so much!I realy want to talk to yall on the laptop,and I realy want to see yall and Josie!


Annabelle said...

We miss yall so much!I really want to see yall!
We love yall so much!And when yall come back we are going to be so glad!

Annabelle said...

We really wanted to talk to yall on the laptop but when Milleranne hung up on yall we couldn't.And please start posting back.

We love yall,

Annabelle said...

We really wanted to talk to you on the laptop, but MillerAnne hung up before we could. I hope you all are having a great time with Josie and that she is doing well. Tell her we love her and we are praying for all of you. I love you both. Love,Annabelle (Gran, too)


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