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Monday, September 7, 2009

We're coming Josie Love! Mama is trying to get her bags packed!

I cannot BELIEVE it! The past few days have seemed SO surreal! Grace and Annabelle have had the swine flu, SO all of my planning and packing has taken a backseat. WOW! I have 2 days to get myself and all of Josie Love's stuff packed! NOW, I have been shopping for awhile, so Josie is is Mama who might not have any clothes. I am beginning clothes are a little overrated these days anyway. We come into the world without them....?!?
Gwen and I have been working tirelessly on trying to get our ducks in a row with OUR SITE SHOULD BE UP AND RUNNING WEDNESDAY...YIPPEE! We just got some AWESOME shirts is BY FAR the softest shirt in my closet. Go check out our new stuff and feed a child in Uganda. While I am there, I will be videoing the Karamajong village so ya'll can get a close up view on who we are feeding with our products. Also, the Mama's in the Karamajong tribe are the ones making our beads, so I am hoping to get them on video also. If you follow Katie's blog, I'm gonna sneak a pic of little Michael also! ssshhhh!
So, I kept spinning my wheels and couldn't get ANYTHING done, solast night we headed to the cabin for a family get away before we are a few pics....
I'll post again on Wednesday night......pray, pray, pray for my family!


Kim said...

OHHH ... feeling your swine flu pains!
Praying for your precious and growing family. Cannot wait to see all that you see and experience!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

MommyBrec said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I have been following this blog faithfully, and can't believe you are finally going to bundle your sweet Josie Love in your arms and bring her home!!!!! I am so excited for your family and Josie Love. I can't WAIT to see pictures of Uganda...Katie, the children...Michael (but I am keeping it on the sly, so don't worry...your secret is safe with me! ;)!!!!!) Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us! We love you and are praying for your family! Sorry you had to endure Swine Flue. Your poor kids! Sending love and prayers from Utah!
Brec and Taiger...and family! :D

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey! I will keep you all in my prayers! Have a wonderful safe trip!

Beautiful Mess said...

I can't wait for more updates!

Will be praying for your family! So excited for you to be with your Josie!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your sweet family my friend. Josie Love is one blessed little girl to soon becoming a Mayernick! Little Michael has been on my heart lately...can't wait to see his picture. Glad you got to enjoy some time at the lake. Give Katie a big hug for us. May your time in Uganda be full of joy seeing God's hand at work.
Amy & Michael

Jodi Widhalm said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to see and hear what happens. We are in the planning stages of adopting and Amani is one of our possibilities, so we are watching how your process goes and praying about what God has for us. So thrilled for you! After following Katie's blog for so long, I only wish I could be there, as well, to pitch in and help! Praying for you all!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family.

cant wait till you have Josie in your arms.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your famly! cant wait to see her home and in your arms! you know i will help as much as i can! Cant stop thinkin bout yall and love you mucho!


Brian and Mandy Harvey said...

I can't wait see my new niece in person!!!!!!

Khristina said...

Two kids with the swine flu...bless all of your hearts. I bet that was rough. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with all of us. Josie Love is one blessed little girl! Praying for you and your beautiful growing family! Have a wonderful safe trip!

God bless,

annabelle said...

Dear Mom and Dad,
We have been missing yall!

Teresa and Annabelle

Michael said...

Mike and Suzanne,
Hope this note finds you all enjoying the blessings of the day amidst your burdensome concerns. One of the blessings of the day for me has been seeing the most recent pictures of Josie. She looks 100% better and ready to come to her new home. God willing this will be sooner than later.
I have never been as proud of you two in recent days. Your testimony to your faith and commitment to doing the will of the Father have been observed and marveled at by many home and abroad.
Our Sunday school lessons the past two weeks have been entitled "God Is Just" and "God is faithful"- two concepts not easily understood especially in times of difficulty. As such, I was compelled to use your testimonies to God's faithfulness as a teachable moment in my Suncay School. After reading portions of your testimonies and summarizing "The Journey", There was not a dry eye in the room. Thanks be to God.
The outpouring of support here by your
friends has been unbelievable The house is still standing and the children are fine.
Our prayers remain with Josie for continued healing and permanent inclusion in our family.

LOVE pop


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