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Friday, September 11, 2009

We're Here!!

We made it! We are staying in Entebbe for the night because we have to travel through Kampala to get to Jinja, and there is some rioting going on right now in Kampala. We will be leaving at 5am to head into Jinja....we just thought it wasn't safe to travel at night. Our flights went well, we all slept and ate and slept and ate...
Tomorrow is Katie's "praise and worship" day for her sponsored kids. They will start lingering in around 8am and the bongos will start beating around 10:30, then games, singing, and eating! I can't wait to see all of Katie's girls. we should arrive just in time for me to grab Josie Love from Amani, strap her on my back, and head for all of the fun!
A little funny for ya'll.....we pulled up to our hotel for the night. I must say it is the ritz carlton of africa. FANCY! FANCY! It has wifi and all of the "extras"! We start walking to our rooms, and they led us around the FANCY part of the hotel to a smaller building
that is slightly unkept. Our showers had frogs, lizards, roaches, there is no password for the internet....laughing hysteriacally, we are trying to figure out how you are able to stay in the "front part?!?" Oh well, we obnly have a few hours to sleep....I LOVE me SOME Africa!!

Off to bed, will be in touch tomorrow!! Love to all of my kiddos...mama loves you!


tara said...

So happy to see your post here! Glad you made it safely. What are a few frogs and lizards among friends!! Saw the kiddos at pick-up this afternoon and everything was running smoothly. Give Dana a big hug and tell her Sylvie-Pie is great and ready for soccer practice! Can't wait to see the "Gotcha" pictures soon!

Oatsvall Team said...

glad you are there ... how about my 10 texts to you trying to communicate all Katie and Mary where telling me ... hee hee ... i knew you would handle it all like a pro .. you know i am wait impatiently for news of Joseph / Daisy !!!!

love ya ... give Katie a hug from me ....

Anonymous said...

So glad you all made it safely! Can't wait to see the pics! Be safe!


Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived safely. Looking forward for updates.

The Ferrill's said...

Popped over from Gwen's blog to tell you I will be praying for you and your new baby girl...she is certainly a doll! Congratulations and praise the Lord!

Anonymous said...

TIA!!!! i miss you!!! but we're holding up. text me AS SOON AS YOU GET YOUR NEW PHONE PLEASE! then we can figure out when to skype and all that stuff...giv josie a very large hug and kiss from her soon to be big sister!!! I LOVE YALL!


Brian and Mandy Harvey said...

Yay!!! Been checkin all day for this post! I 'm takin notes by the way, and I will double check to see if hotels in India have a "front vs. back" accomodations :-)Love and Prayers!

Julie said...

so happy that you're step closer to bringing that preeecious little girl HOME. praying all goes well. God is fighting for you.

Anonymous said...

We love you too! thats from everyone.. just got back from the ball game with ma and ab and i am spending the night and everything is goin good! cant wait to see some pics of you and her loving on each other!


Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

PRAYING SO MUCH!!! Can't wait to hear more!! Love y'all.

KT said...

praying for a great reunion and gotcha day:)
have such a blessed time there!

MommyBrec said...

This post made my night! I am SO HAPPY! I want to stand up and SHOUT for joy for your family!...but it is after midnight, so shouting is not the best idea :D Glad you arrived safely! Can't wait to see pictures! Praying for you!


Ali said...

Im exploding. truly. kiss katie for me and tell her im praying for those sweet girls always. loving some africa through you right now! take me with you in your heart so I can be there too!!! know im constantly lifting you up. texted with grace today and will continue to count all your ducklings here. love you

annabelle said...

We miss yaw so much. When grace gets home we want to talk to yaw on the laptop.Soon place a time on your laptop and send us it.


MillerAnne said...

I love mom and dad!I cant wait to see josie. i hope that my mom and dad has a safe trip with josie. i hope that is everyone is good there!

love, MillerAnne

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I am a little happy for you...that you are adding to your family AND you get to spend time with Katie...AND you will be a part of the worship service.
So happy to be part of the Family of God,

Abbie said...

my prayers are with you! I can't wait to see Josie!!

love ya'll!


Annabelle said...

Call us very soon please.I have gotten sick two times already while you were gon.We miss you so much!


annabelle said...

We are so glad that we got to talk to yall on the laptop!

annabelle said...

I miss you so much! I have been crying sometimes because I have been missing you. I just want to say that I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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