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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Uganda Day 1

My brain is still in somewhat of a fog.  Every year I forget how LONG the flight to Uganda is!  After a good nights sleep,  you hit the floor running and your eyes and heart are seeing things that are ONCE AGAIN unimaginable. 

We pulled into Amazima’s sponsorship/praise and worship right as they were beginning to eat.  Each year there seems to be 100 more children there!  Katie’s program is now up to 582 childrenJ   It is so neat to see  the children that once had hollow eyes and empty bellies to bright eyes, full bellies and hearts full of joy.  What a sweet, sweet blessing.  It made my heart SO full to hug Katie and her girls.  It started raining and Katie and I stood under a tree and got SOAKING wet just catching up on life.  She holds such a BIG part of my heart.  I am so thankful that God gave her to me as a friend.  It is such a special gift. 

Grace’s group was already there playing with the children.  To pull in and see THIRTY people from my hometown was so SURREAL.  Seriously?  We are all in Uganda together? As I looked around, some were playing on the playground, some were looking at the baby pigs, others were talking to “Franko the monkey”   It was one of those “W.O.W.” moments.  I couldn’t help but think back four years ago when that piece of land was completely empty, nothing on it.  We had NO IDEA that Amazima would grow like it has, much less Katie would have written a book.  Who knew?

Abbie, Kate, Grace , and I went on a walk/run this morning.  There was a young boy STRUGGLING to carry a large tub of water back to his hut.  We came alongside him and helped him carry it.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW HEAVY IT WAS!!  As we walked onto the trail to his home there was an additional bottle that he had already carried to that point.  It took all four of us to carry what he had carried all by himself.  I couldn’t help but think of the HUNDREDS of children that I have seen carrying those big bottles on their heads.  Who knew?

And then it hit me…HE knew.  THIS had been HIS plan all along!  While  I am going through life each and every day…just surviving…HE is planning each and EVERY moment for HIS glory.  AND HE has every moment of this trip planned out….and I can’t wait to see  what He will do.


Jeni said...

Hi Suzanne,

One of my best friends niece is there with you! We are both here in OH praying for you all daily!


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