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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Uganda day 3

 We have fallen in love with baby David at Katie's house.  Grace and I can't keep our hands off of him. This is a pic of him and his mom with Grace.  He is malnourished, so Katie is giving him formula and feeding his mother so that her milk is becoming more rich and substantial for him to be able to flourish:)

We spent the morning in town shopping for African paintings and other fun souvenirsJ  After eating lunch in town,  we headed into the karomojong village with Katie to pick up a lady that has a baby that had been burned.  She had a kerosene lamp burning  in her hut and it fell over and caught the foam mattress on fire that the baby was laying on.  It burned one side of the baby’s body.   When the mother brought the baby to Katie, the burn was packed with rabbit fur ( a custom this village has done for many years when they have a large wound.)  Katie took the baby to the hospital and the doctors refused to treat the child.  So, of course, Katie took the child home and pulled the hair out one by one with tweezers for hours upon hours. Katie redresses the burn each day, and it is actually healing really well. 

After dinner, I went into town with Katie and Anna Bliss.  We went to the store to buy drinks and snacks for a man that has a hurt leg. As I walked into the hospital room, I was OVERCOME with the WORST stinch I have EVER smelled in my entire life.  The smell of rotting flesh is like NONE OTHER!  From his knee to his ankle is open flesh, his shin bone is the color of charcoal and all around the edges is green goop…. We are not sure WHAT exactly has happened, but DO know that there is two choices.  1) amputate 2) strip the leg down to bone and muscle ONLY and treat it every day for the next year to make sure that infection doesn’t set in after it is all cleaned out.  We will know tomorrow what they decide. 

Never a dull moment here….

Uganda day 4

I could barely get my eyes open this morning!  Who knows?  Maybe it was the smell from the rotting leg from last night that sealed my eyes together?!? (haha)

I went into the karomojong village with Katie this morning.  There was a little part of me that was dreading it abit.  Every time I leave there, I am SO overwhelmed with the needs, and I feel SO helpless.  I feel a bit of anxiety on what my part is in the BIG picture of these people’s lives.  I pray for them, but it never seems to be enough.  The teenagers on our trip, stayed at Katie’s house with her girls and baked cinnamon rolls, banana bread, and cleaned out her pantry and medical closet.  Susan, Renee, and Julie all went back into town to purchase mattresses, brooms, formula, diapers, and medicine for the babys home that we found earlier in the week. 

We had bible study with the Amazima “bead ladies.”  Katie is teaching them about the names of Christ.  She sent a plaster (band aid) around the circle and  asked in what way the band aid described Christ.   She taught them that Christ is the “HEALER” in our lives.  How does He heal?  By prayer, by miracles, etc…What does He heal?  Our sicknesses, our heart…heals us from  addictions.  IT WAS STRONG.  She had them read scripture and applied it to their lives.  I was in awe of how applicable she made it to their daily lives.  When she was finished, they asked the “vista” to pray.  I WAS SO HUMBLED to be sitting in a circle with these women,  much less, to be lifting them up to my sweet Savior in prayer.  My dread of the morning turned into thankfulness.  I am SO thankful that He had me right there in THAT moment to feel HIS presence in such a mighty way.  The red dirt smothered feet, tattered clothing, smell of burning trash, and the naked little bodies running all around brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. 

We returned to Katie’s and picked up the rest of my group.  We headed straight over to the new baby’s home that Renee, Susan, and Julie bought in town today.  The lady that runs the home started crying as we pulled through the gates with a van filled with MORE goodies for her and her babies!  We changed diapers, folded clothes, and promised her that we would return on Thursday to test all of the baby’s for HIV/AIDS.  Once again, tears were flowing as she explained that she desired to test them all, but it was going to cost 200,000 shillings to do it and she did not have the funds.  I AM SO EXCITED to be a part of this “GOD walk”

There is absolutely NOTHING like it!!


Jeremy and Shelly said...

Love reading about your mission trip! I just returned from South Sudan & Uganda last week. If you'd like to read my mission trip/adoption journal/adoption blog, come on over!

Jenn Nahrstadt said...

suzanne, these posts are doing me in! the one about the pastor's wife and the babies just affirmed that you are EXACTLY where you are to be, and doing what He has for you RIGHT THIS MOMENT. so thrilled for you to be seeing evidence of that multiple times throughout this trip. ONCE would be enough, but He is pouring out His abundance on you, girl! thanks for sharing. i want to go next time!

btw, being reminded that one of Christ's names is Healer is so appropriate for me today, because this morning He healed my grandma by taking her to His House! she was 92.

Erika Chapman said...

I am so excited about the way God has used you all on this trip! Especially the way He led y'all to that sweet woman taking care of those babies! Amazing! I met you at the Created for Care conference and you chatted w/my friends and me in the hall...even when your throat was killing you from strep. Thank you for that! We have been waiting for almost 2 years trying to adopt from UG and a part of my heart hurts with longing hearing about all those babies she is single handedly taking care of...but then I am even more blessed and amazed at the way God sees and provides for these little ones through her faithfulness and y'all's faithfulness! So encouraging!

July said...

WOW! It's look you are working very hard. Every time when I'm reading your blog I'm more inspired to sth good for others. I help in one of ONG in my city in Ireland as a volunteer, but I'm wondering about some mission in Africa next year. I could go with one friend of mine who works in Mozambique. We'll see. Greetings, Thanks for inspiration:)


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