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Saturday, December 19, 2009


Gwen and Elijah are headed home from Vanderbilt.(read post below) Elijah's second scan showed no change....THANK YOU LORD! He is okay and Gwen is exhausted..... he is to have no rigorous activity for at least 2 weeks.
As I sit here and think of all that needs to be done around my house, bed made, sleeping bags picked up (from my 8 year old's slumber party last night) kitchen cleaned.....I am reminded through JESUS CALLING to let the tasks that clutter my mind fall to the side. These tasks are ENDLESS and they clutter areas of my mind that need to be filled with HIS presence. Josie is sitting here next to me "jabbering away"(reading JESUS CALLING). She has been ENDLESSLY calling my name whining and crying over the last few days. (Those of you that have little ones know how exhausting that this can be.) I have chosen to rejoice in the fact that she is here with me and focus on the fact that I went to Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital yesterday! I walked in (IT IS SOOO CLEAN!) talked to our WONDERFUL infectious disease doctor and we made a plan to start her meds for the HIV in two weeks!(In 6-12 months we should see SIGNIFICANT change in her immune system) He sent us downstairs for a chest x-ray (we were finished in 20 minutes), x-ray was read, diagnosis was written, and meds are started. Pneumonia wouldn't have been my choice for her sickness, BUT I am so happy that she is in America now and receiving the care that her little body needs. IT IS SUCH A PRAISE!
I want to encourage all of the other moms out there (that are like me and when your surroundings are cluttered, so is your mind ) to let your "endless tasks" fall to the side and just enjoy your family this CHRISTmas season.
Gwen and I have decided to close our computers ( our 147 site will be back up and running on Monday, Dec 20) and enjoy our families for the next week. All of the orders that we have received have been shipped and there are stores to buy beads (on our site) for last minute shopping. Thank you for your prayers and hopefully within the next few days we will all be on the mends!


Kat said...

Praising God your little ones are heading in the right direction (healing :)). Thank you for reminding us to enjoy our kids this week. I'm looking at my "tornado" house and thanking you :). God is so good and thank you for sharing your journey with all of us in blogger land :).

Jim and April said...

i think its a great thing that you and gwen are doing computer wise so you can spend time with your family! Hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTmas! Thanks for this post...we are in the very beginning stages of adopting from Uganda and there are times when I wonder how I will be since this will be our first and will I be able to do it and so this post of yours was nice because it reminds us that even on rough days or stressful days...we can remind ourselves of our calling, where God has brought us and our children out of and how He has brought us together with our children!

Anonymous said...

LOVE ME SOME MAYERNICK!!!...PRAISE GOD about Elijah and Josie Love!

Love and Prayers!,

Melissa said...

It is so easy to get bogged down by the endless tasks that I want so badly to finish. God is definitely teaching me to stop and enjoy him and enjoy where he has me in life. There is joy to be found in the unfinished tasks. I am so glad Josie Love in doing well. I am eager to get going on our homestudy and get one step closer to our child in Uganda. Thank you for allowing God to use you in my life.

PositivelyOrphaned said...

Just came across your blog for the first time as it was mentioned on the Yahoo HIV Adoption group. CONGRATULATIONS on little Josie. I'm so happy to hear that she is home and will be starting meds soon and getting healthier and healthier day by day. I've linked to your blog from mine Happy Holidays!

Gran said...

I needed to hear that today myself, about the endless tasks, because I didn't make my beds today either, and I ALWAYS do. However, it was spend more time with Annabelle or focus on getting those tasks done. I focused on spending the time with Annabelle, one of my precious granddaughters. And then I at l east got to see some of my other Mayernick grandchildren for a little while in the afternoon. My husband is so understanding; he just said well, we have to mess it up again tonight anyway!
Love you,
MaMa Gaye


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