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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

These smiles make my UNCOMFORT SO worthwhile. My feet are hurting, my back is aching, my shoulders are "pinched", my eyes need toothpicks to hold them open, and my head feels as though it is between a vice grip......but my heart is SO FULL. Everytime I look into Josie's face, I feel as though I am looking into the eyes of Jesus. I whisper into her ear throughout each day...MOMMY loves Josie, MOMMY loves Josie. You see, I want her to KNOW, WITHOUT doubt, that I will NEVER leave her. WHY is it so hard for ME to KNOW that my sweet Saviour will NEVER leave me?
I walked into the Infectious Disease Doctor's Office this week and was TOTALLY out of my comfort zone. I found myself thinking "am I really here?" I entered a world that is not familiar. It was somewhat surreal until I saw Mike and Josie Love standing at the front desk and INSTANTLY it was REAL. Her little finger pointing to me and shouting "Mommy, Mommy!" I left the doctors office with peace in my heart knowing that we have a plan for her little body to get better.

Count yourselves blessed every time people put you down or throw you out or speak lies about you to discredit me. What it means is that the truth is too close for comfort and they are uncomfortable. You can be glad when that happens-give a cheer even!-for they don't like it, I DO! And all heaven applauds. AND know that you are in good company. My prophets and witnesses have always gotten into this kind of trouble. Matthew 5:11-12 (message bible)

I read this scripture over and over to make sure that He is saying that UNCOMFORT is a good thing. I mean, afterall, don't we spend MOST of our time trying to make ourselves comfortable? My first thought when I felt my body aching is....."MASSAGE HERE I COME!" (MaMa LOVES her a spa day) and then the reality of my life these days came flooding through my mind. Not much time for the spa...... UNCOMFORT is not a choice that comes easy for me. So, I am going to cling to the verse above and know that I am in good company while I am in an unfamiliar place and uncomfortable. HE will never leave me.

Josie Love is still sleeping well and playing hard. She pushes a stroller UP our driveway daily....pretty good therapy huh? Her legs are getting stronger and she is walking from one end of our home to the other. My heart just swells. She is gaining weight and wakes up with a smile on her face. She reaches up out of her bed and puts a little hand on each one of my cheeks and whispers "mama" each morning. I just love her stinky little breath. She loves for me to rub yummy smelling lotion on her skin. She tries to put it all in her hair. Speaking of hair.... I am doing a pretty good job with her hair (if I MUST say so myself)....DISREGUARD THE PICS BELOW! (it was a blustery day..hahaha) I am really enjoying just being at home with her, Caleb, and Joshua. And the highlight of our day is carpool at 3pm.....and the party begins until bedtime!

Thank you all for your prayers. We have felt COVERED with them. What a blessing to know that the body of Christ is surrounding us with support. GOD is good.....ALL the time!

Here is a little look at a day outside playing before it gets TOO cold........LOVE MY KIDS!

Caleb and Mayflower (our bunny rabbit)

MillerAnne chauffering Annabelle, Mayflower, and Josie around. WHEW! Josie looks a little windblown! Caleb "taking Mayflower to the grocery store".......
Big brother Michael loving his little sister.....

Thanksgiving at the Mayernicks

Josie and her new cousin Mia.....with her Mommy, Mandy, Mike's younger sister
Josie finally met her Gran. She was in Indiana when we arrived from Uganda keeping Mandy's other 3 children while she was bringing Mia home from India.....CRAZY!


The Porter Family said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement that being 'uncomfortable' is a good thing. Just what this newbie needed to hear.

Kenlie Posey said...

Praise the LORD for having him use you to share that verse. Its just what I needed. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! And PS: That might be the largest bunny rabbit I have ever seen, and it is cracking me up in that stroller. Priceless. I will continue to pray for Josie Love and your family daily. God is wonderful.

Unknown said...

Suzanne - precious precious precious! AMEN! We really need to begin to see how Jesus lived and walked this earth - uncomfortable! We need to realize this life is NOT about our comfort and be joyful living outside of our comfort zones...that is right where God can use us the most - depending on Him to get through every second!

Big hugs to you!

sandy said...

Ahhh! My friends are probably sick of me repeating EVERYTHING off your blog! There really isnt a day I dont go thinking of Josie and her new amazing family! You guys are awesome! Prayers are with you!

Kristi J said...

oh, so awesome...I can't wait to meet her ON FRIDAY...yall better come :) ok, is that your baby boy?? how did he get so big?? kj

Rachel Goode said...

I can't tell you how it makes my day to read about your journey & be encouraged by your words -- which are the retelling of God's words!! Keep the posts coming!!

Unknown said...

how do i love yall more? I dont know but reading that post just made it happen yet again. looooove you sweet sister

Andrea said...

It's hard to be in that office for the first time huh? For us it was after almost 2 weeks in the hospital.
I love to hear that she's growing and strengthening! It was a joy to watch, still is, Eman get so much stronger and healthier.
You are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Beautiful Pictures! Lovely Family! GREAT smiles!

sunny-d said...

Your faith inspires me and throws another log on my fire!

Mandy Harvey said...

I have been thinking about similar things embracing the truth that this world is not my home and I mean really grasping that is changing my life. Don't store up for yourselves treasure here on earth where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but store up for yourselves treasure in heaven. I have just decided that my life is going to continue to be difficult :-) FULL of joy and blessing, but difficult. I know I still have three less than you, but four is nothing to sneeze at, either :-) and it is making me tired! But a good tired. I was just thanking God in the shower this morning (first one in three days, I might add...) for my crazy frustrating life :-) My pursuit of God many times has been a choice, if that makes sense. There seemed to be a possibility of getting by without spending a lot of time with him on a regular basis sometimes. HOWEVER, I am beginning to understand what David talks about when he speaks of needing God like a deer panting for water, like needing food and air. I think the loss of comfort, control, and just anything short of complete chaos all pushes me closer to Him, and His heart, and strangely (from a human perspective) that gets me excited....

Loved seeing you all and sweet Josie Love!

Andrea Young said...

LOVE this post:). OK...time to pull my message version out! Thank you for sharing Josie Love with all of us! I talk about her all the time...just love reading updates on her!

The Millers said...

Girl, get that baby some "Pink Oil Moisturizer." Smile!! Praying for you guys and lovin sum Josie Love. :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it....comfort is over rated....well...maybe only a little. Love the pics. Josie is just soooo sweet. the best word in the whole English language!!!

Blessed Mom of Four AND More said...

OH my goodness, I've cried over Gwen's post, over Linny's post at aplacecalledsimplicity, and now crying over your post, too.

Oh, how understand the giant leaps outside of our comfort zone. The day I sat with Ellie's care coordinator, and we talked over every detail of what would be just the beginning of her medical care. We talked about what the future might hold. I was NOT comfortable.

But, Ellie, like your Josie Love brings a smile to face of sooooooo many. She is a shining light to the love, grace, and mercy of Jesus.

You are being prayed for!

sarah in the woods said...

So sweet! I love that full head of hair and her pigtails. I'll be glad when my daughter's hair is long enough for just two puffballs. I have some hair posts on my blog if you want to check it out.

Bunmi said...

I love this blog and your family. And PS. You're doing a better job with her hair than I'm doing with my biracial daughter's hair and I'm an African American mom! LOL!


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