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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Countdown til' Christmas

I am starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed with the thought of tying up the loose ends of the many things that HAVE to be done in order for Christmas to happen. I have done a GREAT job in just staying home and spending time with my little ones since Josie Love arrived. BUT, life is going on and I am just acting as if as though it isn't! I am going to try to get some shopping done this week. I have done most of it online but there is something about touching the stuff before you buy it.?!? Maybe my Christmas cards will arrive this week so that I might get them out on time. AND FINALLY, Gwen and I are moving EVERYTHING on Friday to a distribution center! WHEW! we have a blog now that we will be selling things that will not be going to the center. The Ugandan magazine beads and specialty items...orphan bags(some with funky fabrics that we might have just a few), our "pick me" charm necklace (that Tracey Hansen handmade for us) ... All of our other tees, hats, bags, etc..will still be on our normal website....
Those of you that have sponsored a child through Amazima Ministries and haven't received a picture or info, it isn't because I haven't tried. It has been the CRAZIEST thing. The first time I was suppose to bring it all home from Uganda, Katie lacked quite a few kids to get info on. BECAUSE she found this orphanage that was struggling to care for their children. She offered to get sponsors for the children so they might receive schooling, medical care, and meals. The only problem is that the orphanage doesn't have any info on the children. She knows their names and age and that is about all. But we are plugging them into the program anyway...yippee! So, she got as much information on them as possible and when we tried to download it all on a flashdrive, the electricity went out for DAYS. (LOVE AFRICA!!) THEN, we finally got it all uploaded, I brought it home and ALL of the pics said that they had been "corrupted!!!" (whatever that means?!?) So, for about 5 months now we have been trying to get it all out to you guys and satan is having a HEYDAY!!! we will NOT be defeated! Our goal is to have them all out at the start of the new year.
We have our appointment with the infectious disease doctors this Friday to get all of Josie's test results. I am so excited to go back and talk to them and get a "game plan" for her medically.
While life is SPINNING, SPINNING, SPINNING all around me, my sweet Saviour reminds me that it is only the HOPE that HE gives me that keeps me spiritually alive during dark times of adversity here on earth. HE brightens my path and MY HOPE heightens my awareness of HIS presence. Without hope, I think my head might just spin right off of my shoulders. Life would be so overwhelming that I would feel as though I was drowning. But because I feel HIS hand in mine, walking me through each day. As I kiss my kids before school each morning. As I send my husband off to work in his suit, smelling yummy (he is the most handsome man that I have EVER laid my eyes on) heart is so FULL of joy that it is overflowing....I ONLY the JOY that HE can give....what a blessing.
My mind goes to Katie and her family often. Her house is full of joy. They have a roof over their head, a mommy to love them, and food to is that simple. Here is "worship Saturday" on Katie's front porch. My kids were so excited for them to be singing a song in english! (you might need to turn down the volume on my playlist songs)


Grace said...

Hey, I'm a secret stalker of your blog. And I love it!

I was actually wondering if I could link to you on my blog:

Oh, and I'm headed to Africa in five weeks to volunteer at Amani! So excited!

Jess said...

i love the video!! so precious!! makes me miss all the kids i met in Mbale...Uganda is such a special place...

Tracy said...

What a special Christmas your precious family will have!!

Victoria Searer said...

Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas! My kids are counting down to the reunion when they get to meet Josie & Mia (And me too!)! Right now we're at 7 months & 17 days!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your experiences. We have been moved by Katie, her Faithful spirit, and the work you all are doing!! We recently joined by supporting a child. We got her profile and drawing, which now hangs next to our advent calendar. My daughters pray for her often!

Thank You for all you do!!
The McDivitt's


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