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Monday, June 11, 2012


you'll be glad to hear that we took your funds to Haiti and fed MANY children!!  Our hope was to raise $1000.00 for the week and through Facebook, we brought in $2500.00 for the children in Haiti!!  It has taken me several days to process all that we experienced.  My heart really hasnt recoverd yet.

We went to two different places, this blog post is about the first stop and the next blog post will be about our last stop.

These pics are from "My Life Speaks" (  They have a feeding program in Nepley.  They feed hundreds of children, and also have a feeding program for infants.  One of the problems that women face is their milk drying up while trying to feed their babies.  My Life Speaks provides formula and medical care for the babies in their village.  Right now Haiti is HOT.  SO MANY of the children were covered in heat rashes and were sick.  About 3/4 of the babies that they weighed and assessed were sent to the medical clinic down the was so sad, yet gave so much hope knowing that they will get the care that is needed for them to thrive because of My Life Speaks:)

I was especially impressed with the food that they served.  They had rice, beans, and a vegetable mixture that was DELICIOUS!  I could have eaten several bowls myself:)

                                           This picture is about 1/3 of the amount of children that we fed....they kept coming and coming!

We rode through the most poverty stricken village in Nepley.  The road was a dead end into the Caribbean where we found all of these little munchkins!  they kept reaching for my bottle of water...i just couldn't help but share!

This is one of our favorite little peeps at My Life Speaks...she is FULL of love...brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.
 One of our hopes with 147 Million Orphans is to provide a new kitchen for them.  THIS is the kitchen that they are using to feed hundreds of is long and narrow, DARK, and has no ventilation.  They need a BIG freezer and refrigerator that runs on a generator.  the electricity turns off CONSTANTLY.

Last month, 147 MILLION ORPHANS bought a motor cycle for My Life Speaks.  they were in need of  transportation other than their bus that they use to get to and from the airport.  It was AWESOME to see it in person and know that we are helping in a small way.

My Life Speaks is in the beginning stages of opening a "special needs" children's home.  They already have three children that they are caring for.  Their plans are BIG and so is the need.  I left with a REALLY heavy heart in regards to what is ahead of this family.  It wasn't until our last night in Haiti that I was sitting on a mountain during praise and worship (more in next post) that I was able to think about  the twinkling stars, He created.  the ocean waves blowing in, He created. the mountaintops, He created.  I was actually looking at the same stars that my family can see in the US,  my brother sees in Montana, and that Katie, Anna Bliss, and Landon can see in Uganda. W.O.W. HE is so much more than i can fathom.  It was THEN, that I realized that HE has the "special needs" kiddos and My Life Speaks in the palm of HIS hand:)

I feel like I am constantly being reminded of John 3:18.  "Let us love with words and speech, but with actions and in truth."  Some days I feel so weary that this verse is too much to carry.   Thankfully, I do not have to.


paige said...


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to hear more!!!!!!! His heart is sooo BIG I know HE cares for all of HIS children! Praying for others to join in the fight to help these precious children!

J.J. said...

Amazing. It's all so overwhelming.

Jenny said...

Such a beautiful post and recap of the first stop of your trip! It's incredible to see the work My Life Speaks is doing in Haiti! What a blessing they are... thank you for sharing this experience and for going and serving and loving on these precious kiddos!!

mrs.stinnett said...

I absolutely love how God has truly gifted you to really see people - to not glance and turn away but to really look and see! Thanks for being willing to step out and share who you see!

We Are Family said...



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