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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Haiti Part 2

This is our team: Gwen and I could NOT do what we do if it wasn't for these extra three ladies!  Jan Eberle, Michelle Smalling, and Katy Southern.
Megan leading us to the top of the mountain where her schools are (and future church and medical clinic will be.)

This awesome people are the artisans that make the jewelry that we sell on our website (   Sophie (bottom right) is a young gal that has taken these guys in and taught them a trade so that now they can feed their families.  AWESOME

At school each day, Megan's students receive breakfast.  God has given her a group of Haitian women to make this happen..feeding 400 students is NOT a small feat!!

This is the kindergarten class....


this is one of the teachers bathing her child during class:)  She is afraid to leave her baby with anyone because of child sacrificing...SO, she brings her baby to class with her each day.

this is the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain.  This mountain has been used for voodoo for many many years, and Megan has bought it and claimed it for Christ.  Her prayer is that HIS presence will start here and spread through her country.

The secondary school building is almost finished!  all of these hatian men had a smile on their face.  it is amazing how work gives people value and meaning in their life.

This lady showed up on Megan's porch with her sick baby:(  I felt like I was reliving being in Uganda with Katie.

One evening we walked up to the mountain to sing praise and worship.  I must admit I was a little scared.  megan assured me that we were safe because she knows every person between her house and the top...actually she sends all of their children to school:)  SO  I went with it!  when we got to the top there was a solid white horse grazing!!  CRAZY!!  i felt like that was God's way of whispering to me that HE WAS there with me...made my heart feel full.

SO, this is RESPIRE HAITI.  Megan Boudreaux began this ministry a little over a year ago.  She is a ROCK.STAR.  She walks by BLIND faith daily and then sits back and watches God "do HIS thing!"  She has a feeding program, a school, and is praying for funds to build a church, cafe, recycling business, and who else knows what God will place on her heart!  It is SO AWESOME to watch how the Lord has provided every step of the way for her to do HIS work.

Gwen and I and 147 MILLION ORPHANS FOUNDATION have committed to help build the medical clinic!  You will be hearing more about this..I can't wait to watch HIM provide for it!


paige said...

gosh. just amazing.
i love the white horse whisper from god.
will add megan to my prayers.
love your updates!!

J.J. said...

WOW. That's all I can say. :) AND I wish I had the money to adopt from Haiti right now. :) WOW. What a great program. What a great lady. AWESOME.


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