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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Katie is one of Josie's favorite people of all times! look at her little had on her cheek...
When we went to get Josie to bring her home....after Josie's first bath, at katie's glad to have her with us:)
WOW! look how young we all were!! It's amazing how adding 8 kids (between us) adds wrinkles around the eyes these days!
first trip to visit Katie three years ago
Katie kissing her girls goodbye as they left to go to school...
Katie singing a celine deion song into the microphone!! Ugandan radio LOVES celine!!
Katie teaching my nephew (Landon) how to kill a chicken!

Mike and I have been sitting in the den talking about our meeting at Josie Love's school today. We left VERY encouraged. Mike had his ipad, so he pulled up a couple of pics of Josie when we went to Uganda to bring her home. The room filled with gasps and tear filled eyes as we talked about the difference in the pictures and the bright eyed little girl that walks down their halls each day. We talked about her being stubborn, and how her "survivor" mentality is probably the reason that she is alive today. She is continuing to thrive and winning peoples hearts with her infectious smile each and every day. (makes a mama's heart happpy!!)

While talking to Mike, we were reminiscing about how Gwen and I read Katie's blog, then we met her for ice cream one night, started doing fundraisers for her at my house several times a week..ADAMANT that we were going to spread her story so that she could fund her sponsorship program. INSTANTLY the Lord connected our hearts, and we have spent countless hours working out, laughing, crying, eating POUNDS of chocolate cake (sinful actually), raising children together, and now promoting her book.....REALLY?! promoting her book?!?! how did THAT happen? Can someone say surreal? Is she really coming to the US in October for a book tour? I can't help but giggle. The Lord has used her in such a mighty way in my families life...why not others?

I love that she gets overwhelmed in a grocery store when she comes home.....she says that there are ENTIRELY too many choices! I love that way that when we go out and people see her their eyes well up with tears and she looks around at me and Gwen TOTALLY perplexed and says "you americans are weird!!" She really has NO IDEA how Christ is using her on this side of the ocean. She's just living over there doing "her thing" while people over here read her words/heart and INSTANTLY think...."how can I help? what can I do? what is my part?!?"

So, here I am...promoting my sweet friend's book. my heart is FULL. I am So proud of the young woman that she has become right before my very eyes! You can go to 147 million orphans and pre-order. we will be sending 50% of the profits back to katie...AMAZIMA MINISTRIES. It will make a GREAT gift for Christmas!


Lisa Kindred said...

So thankful to hear of the great report on your precious Josie Love. God id going to continue to use that little life in so many ways.
So excited about Katie's new book. I know you and Gwen have been a huge instrument in her life. We are so proud of you all. Much LOVE to you and your beautiful family!!!! Xoxo Lisa


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