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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Josie feeding her baby

The summer is growing long, so until school starts (and to keep from crying from feeling defeated), I am going to start posting things that make me smile: here is #1...


The Gutmans' said...

Precious, melt my heart!!! Priceless!!

Kat said...

From a mom who has felt defeated this week....defeated and discouraged...thank you. That totally made me smile.

Anonymous said...

made me smile too!
you have a great perspective, thanks!
feeling defeated, or discouraged or just sad and tired from sibling squabbles. I'm gonna focus on the things that do make me smile.
keep on keepin on suzanne!

Rose said...

It was SO PRECIOUS to hear them call you 'Mom, Mom'.

Keep doing what you're doing.

God bless you and all your little ones.


Jenn Nahrstadt said...

TOO CUTE! i like how she keeps saying "AAHH" to try to get her to eat, knowing full well she's a toy. still, it is so hilarious that caleb and joshua felt you needed to be set straight about why baby doll wasn't eating! i know the days are LONG, but you'll be so glad you have these moments to look back on when they're older. which is going to happen faster than you realize. miss you, girl!

Jen said...

So cute!

Rick_Lisa said...

Josie love. You make me smile too. I just get so excited to hear her sweet voice. Thanks for sharing your angel with us!


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