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Saturday, May 7, 2011

time away

I always hesitate to blog if I have had the chance to get away. I typically get comments telling me that I live a "lavish" lifestyle or I could have spent the money that I spent on my time away on helping orphans...or a question asking me if I know what it feels like to "give til' it hurts." All of that said, I seem to always receive the most "AHA" moments when I am away because I sit quietly and pour out my heart to the Lord and he fills my cup, tablespoon, by table spoon. It is not until I sit quietly that I realize just how depleted that I am.

Mike's company sent us on a trip to Sea Island, Georgia. Over the years, it has grown to be my most favorite place on earth. It is QUIET, beautiful, smells of jasmine, and just dreamy. Mike laughs at me because I try to walk around with my eyes closed just soaking up the smell. I literally look around and whisper thanksgiving that HE would make our world such a beautiful place to live.

being thankful: check.

This year, I asked myself, is this place REALLY this extraordinary? or do I just TAKE the time to soak everything up when I am here?

A few weeks before we left for our trip I went to see a nutritionist. It was LONG overdue. I have been meaning to go for awhile now. I KNOW that Josie Love's diet is vital for her to be healthy, but quite honestly, since bringing her home, I've been doing well just to get everybody fed and her meds given. Not to mention, that Grace is now 15 years old, and she needs to know a HEALTHY way to eat so that she feels good. ( for that matter, each and every one of them need GOOD fuel for all of this extra crazy energy that they exude!)

She walked me through "good fats" vs. "bad fats", that we need to eat every three hours, and water, water, get the idea. Just making myself aware of what our bodies need to feel good (mama was lacking some energy) and be healthy was fabulous. Now that it is in the forefront of my mind, I am encouraged and excited rather than feeling a little overwhelmed on what each person needs for their make's all about having a "plan" hahha.

children's overall health: check.

Each morning, I got up, read my Jesus Calling, my bible, and took time to think about each one of my children. Their strengths, weaknesses, how I can pray for them, and what I specifically need to do for each one to make sure that I am reaching their heart and meeting their needs. While I KNOW how different they are, when I started doing this...I started feeling REALLY overwhelmed. they all have such different needs and wants. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I DO ALL OF THIS!??!!

and then the whisper....."you're NOT..I AM!!" " I AM going to do it through you" is what I heard. I could have started crying.

Thankfully, HE has them. I am just here to make sure that their needs (laundry, food, sleep, etc..) is taken care of. HE HAS THEM. Whew!

once again, realizing that I AM NOT IN CONTROL: check. time alone with Christ: check.

Mike and I sat across from each other and talked, caught up on the past few months of sporadic conversations...actually finished them. I am SO thankful for him. He is such a gift.

time alone with my sweets: check.

And then, for my fortieth birthday present, my 3 best friends from high school came down!!! (I'm thinking I want to turn 40 next year also!!) Mike flew home, and I had 3 days with my girlfriends and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

relationships/laughter: check.


mamamargie said...

Even Jesus took time away to rest and restore Himself physically and spiritually. If we didn't take time away to rebuild ourselves we would be saying that it's all up to us. We have to DO it! When that's not the case at all. We are human. We need rest. We need to be alone with our Maker. Good for you for getting away!!!!

Kim said...

Well deserved bday celebration good and faithful servant!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Chantelle said...

So happy that you got some much needed refreshment! Thanks for sharing! :)

Shonni said...

Sounds like a wonderful time and happy birthday!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So glad that you got time away. I am a BIG advocate of Mama's getting away, and couples getting away. It does not mean that you are being "lavish", it means that you are making your marriage a priority ... and you are making it a priority to Take Care of Mama.

We MUST take care of ourselves. We must realize when our hearts, minds, and bodies are in need of refreshment. We must make it a priority to slow down and catch our breaths. We cannot do our best at taking care of our large families if we are drained and running on empty.

And ... time alone with our husbands is even more important. I tell women all the time that they need to do whatever they need to do, to get away with their husbands AT LEAST once a year. I am amazed at how many women say they haven't gone away with their husband since their children were born (5, 8, 10 years ...) I've also known couples that look at each other once the kids are grown and gone, and they don't know each other. Their children have been their whole life, and they have neglected their marriages.

So glad you got away ... with the hubby and with your girlfriends.

Laurel :)

Jenn Nahrstadt said...

this sounds like just the remedy for your crazy busy, fulfilling life! so glad you had the time away to get your needs met.

will have to check out this GA island; perhaps it's not too far for us to venture to this summer!

Amy said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for reminding all of us of the need to rest and refuel ... whether it's at a local park, in our backyard, in our bathtub. I'm in need of all of the above, but don't begrudge you a moment of yours. You give to and inspire so many. For Mother's Day, I will try to check off even a couple of those.

Jenay said...

This post blessed me in EVERY way!!!! People who think you should be doing something different, or that you should not have time away are NOT getting it. I think it is a gift God just gives when you do live the crazy..radical life you live. He just gives GOOD gifts all the way around!!! Loved what He told you about your kiddos...I will be using this as if He told me too!!!!

Carla said...

Those who send such rude comments/emails need to check themselves, first! I am glad no one reads my blog :-) You have to take time for yourself or how will you have any of yourself to give to your husband, children, 147, community, etc?? Good for you for taking time to rejuvinate and spend time with God, your hubby and friends!! Oh! And Happy 40th Birthday!!!

Lisa Kindred said...

So thankful you were able to get away to this quiet place with just your hubby and then your friends. You have done an extra-ordinary job with the family the Lord has given you. So important to take time to re-fuel with our Father. Happy 40th and thank you for the example you are to so many. Much love to you!!!! Lisa

Jessa said...

Sounds like a wonderful, heaven sent, necessary time away :) So happy for you that you were able to go :)

Kat said...

This made me smile. I think we all question, "Is this what I should be doing with my money?" Yet, we need to refuel. God propels us, but has given us (as moms and dads) the job as the engine. So glad you were able to take time to spend refueling and centering yourself! Many blessings!

Mcat said...

When God gives us that peace it's priceless. I love that about vacations. It rejuvinates our body and soul. When we go to the beach each summer, I get up early each morning to just sit in quiet on the rocks. I spend that time to relax, pray and just listen (to the Lord and quiet!) It's truely a gift. Glad it was great!!

Kelli said...

My husbands job also sends us to that area. Sigh... such an amazing place.

Erica said...

Getting away is good for the soul. I'm glad you had that time and HOORAY for girl time!! :)

Mrs. McGoo said...

"It is not until I sit quietly that I realize just how depleted that I am." - you and me both! Glad you go some time to allow the Lord to charge you back up!

Polly said...

good for you! can't think of anyone more deserving of a getaway! anyone who follows your blog would clearly see how compassionate you are and how much you serve others. i loved the other comment about how Jesus also needed time away to rest. you are an inspiration to many and a precious
model of the Proverbs 31 woman. now, go plan your next getaway, never let anyone guilt you out of the much needed time away.

Anonymous said...

getting away is vital! so glad you and Mike had the opportunity AND for a girlfriend reunion, too. what a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Roger and I just went away to a hotel in Alabama. Just the two of us. No one's food to cut but my own. Conversations that lasted more that 22 seconds. Many prayers and conversations about our future adoption. Ahhh. Now I can do life with three preschoolers with an extra measure of grace and joy! So glad you got to get away too!
Julie J.


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