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Saturday, October 24, 2009

A New Perspective

I couldn't resist posting this video clip! (don't kill me Katie!) I couldn't help but think "this type of thing is universal". There are pros and cons to your children dressing themselves...hahaha. (I am just glad we caught it before we got to church.)
Adoption has changed my WHOLE perspective on life. Mike and I sought much counsel while in the process of our first transracial adoption. I am so thankful that the Lord gave us friends to speak truth to us about how some things were JUST GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. After adopting for the SECOND time, just the sheer numbers of my children changed how I spend my time, and where I prioritize. Because I knew that Josie was coming home this year( and did not know what her needs were going to be) I did not sign up for anything "extra" at school or church. Now that I have a window of time to breathe, I look around and people are feeling guilty or "lazy" for resting because we live in such a "wired" world. We are CALLED to rest in the Presence of our Saviour. Rest is one of the things that HE made VITAL for us. The past few weeks 1)because 5 out of my 6 have had swine flu and 2)because I have been so anxious about Josie not being here with me, I have been FORCED to stay home and rest in HIS peace. Through scripture I have found that HE has chosen ME for this road that I am walking more for my WEAKNESSES than my STRENGTHS. My weaknesses amplify my need for HIM...and boy do I need him these days.
This week was parent teacher conferences. I had the best teacher conferences that I have EVER had! When I am asked questions on "parenting" my number one advice is "focus on their heart". SAYING that and DOING that are two totally different things! PERSPECTIVE has been HUGE for me through this road with Josie Love. With each of my children's teachers we spent a FEW minutes talking about their academics and the rest of the time talking about their hearts. I said to each teacher.."grades are important and I am so glad that they are doing well, we can focus a little more to bring this or that grade up, but what I REALLY care about is his/her heart. How do they treat others? Are they respectful to you?" It was the best feeling to leave each room KNOWING that each teacher KNEW where I stand on my children's well-being. It had less to do with academics, NOTHING to do with ball, gymnastics, dance etc......BUT do you see Jesus in their hearts? We talked about the weeks that I was in Africa and how it had affected each one. We talked about the journey that our family is going to be on once Josie Love arrives. The number one issue is the hardship that it will bring. (in MANY capacities) I was able to affirm them that Mike and I had talked about it and we feel that hardship is actually a good thing. We spend half of our lives trying to keep our children from having any hardship......WHY? Hardship is what draws you to Christ. Hardship is what "grows" you. Hardship is when you CLING to HIS promises that He will NEVER leave you NOR FORSAKE you. NO hardship=No need for Christ.
Speaking of Josie Love...she got her "exit papers from Uganda! YIPPPEEEEE! We are working with Project Hopeful to get her home asap.....4 weeks, if not sooner! LOVE ME SOME PROJECT HOPEFUL!


SiLa said...

What a beauty in those smiling faces!!!
Blessings from our Lord

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

AMEN Suzanne! No hardship = No need for Jesus!

We can only be like Christ when we suffer in His name for His glory!!!

Praying Josie Love home into your arms forever!

Praising God for your boldness to tell the school you care more about your children's hearts than you do their grades. I LOVE IT!

Hugs and love,

Amy said...

I love your reflection on resting in Peace with Him. It is so hard to do in our hectic lives, but so necessary.

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOU SOO SUPER MUCH MORE THAN YOU CAN FATHOM!!! I love your sweet words of ecouragement!


KT said...

I could NOT agree more.
Our pastor once said that it isn't enough to just be thankful for what we have, our Savior chose suffering. As believers, we too should find ourselves choosing hardship when we feel our Father's call to do so. You are right, even in smallish ways...for instance, Sophie had to give up her bed to a guest and she was angry. The guest felt so bad. I said it would be good for Sophie to learn to give something up- she being an only child rarely has to. Sophie survived of course and it will be one little stepping stone of many to come for her. Our house doesn't need to rotate around one person but to the Person. May the Lord grant all of us the grace to choose hardship. Easier to write about than to follow through with.
Praying for your family and for the Light your journey is casting on all who believe and those who's eyes have not been opened.

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I have been praying daily that God would bring her home swiftly! I am SO excited for you and your family! :))))

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

YEAH!!!!! Praying her home ASAP!!!!

florence said...

Love the video! So hilarious!

I needed this word on hardship today. It is essential to have hardship if we are to be like Christ. I also loved what you told each of your children's teachers about your priority for their hearts first. Wonderful encouragement!

Will be praying fervently this next month for that sweet girl to come home!

James 1:27 Family said...

The video is so funny! Thank you, also, for sharing your heart. Thank you for sharing the Project Hopeful information. We are hoping to adopt in Uganda and all the information we can get with help. I didn't realize there are extra forms to be filled out for a child with HIV. See how Josie Love's life is touching others?!?! God is so good.
Many blessings!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your words from your heart. God stretches us and makes us who He wants us to become when we HAVE to DEPEND on Him. For that I am grateful!Loved your words on the importance of our kids hearts. That will have eternal effects. Also, praising Jesus you are getting so close to bringing her home. We will continue to pray as we are for Gwen's precious ones too.

We are so excited to have the two of you come and speak. We are beyond blessed.

Keep trusting in Him alone.


Meli n Pat said...

Tears of joy and serious laughter!

Auntie Amanda said...

Haha!Cute video. So true, of kids everywhere :)
I'm so happy to hear about Josie's exit papers!!! Hope you guys will let me come hug on that sweet girl!!!And I hope you and your fam are feeling better!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, Suzanne, you echo my heart...
"My weaknesses amplify my need for HIM...and boy do I need him these days." That is how I felt when we learned Ellie would need a catheter every 4 hours. Praise the LORD His grace is sufficient.

Your family will continue to bring honor and glory to our Savior as you praise Him in this storm.

I can't wait to see the changes in Josie Love, as she is loved by her forever family.

Many blessings from a mom to another two-name Josie...Josie-Tatum!

Kim said...

Amen. Love this post that is full of truth. Thank you for all the reminders about perspective, hearts, and how hardships keep us close to Jesus! So excited about Josie Love's homecoming. God is good ... all the time!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,
P.S. The video clip was priceless!

Jeanine said...

Oh my goodness how perfectly timed was this post for my heart!
"No hardship=no need for Christ"
As we begin our new adoption journey and I ponder all that the future holds and battle niggling fears in the back of my mind, that was exactly what I needed to hear.
And 4 weeks! Wow! We will pray for not ONE day longer! What a blessing!

Nancy said...

OH, MY GOODNESS....NO!!!!!!!!!! OH, GOD'S GOODNESS!!! Oh, THANK YOU JESUS! Josie MIGHT be home for Thanksgiving...but DEFINITELY for Christmas!!!! Blessings abound! And here's a tidbit from a book we are using in Sunday School that I LOVED. The chapter is on the love of God (book: God: As He Longs for You to See Him, by Chip Ingram) "Do you realize what that means for personally? Whatever it means to be filled to the brim with goodness and life, THAT'S what God wants for you. He wants that for you now, in this life, and he wants that for you forever. When pleasures will move us toward that kind of life, that's what he gives. When pain will move us toward it, that's what he gives. God stands ready with whatever it takes to provide his children with abundant life." Isn't that just perfect? This thought was perfect for me this week, as I waited, and ultimately learned that I did NOT get the "dream job" I applied for. It would have doubled our income, which is presently well below poverty level. It would have been so sweet. But God's Will is sweeter still. And I continue to trust that He will provide for our needs on a daily basis.

Love and hugs from Nancy in CT

Tara said...

you inspire our whole family, i read your blog aloud to all my kids, God is working, so happy for your new addition, my youngest brother is special needs, many blessings to you and your family

Gran said...

Suzanne, sometimes I think resting in His Peace is the hardest for some of us, because we want to be doing something for Him! But, it is so needed, and I thank you for your word of encouragement to so many. My heart rejoices for what I see our Lord doing. It is all about Him!
Sent with Love.

Beautiful Mess said...

That is great!

NO hardship=No need for Christ. that is a toughy but so true!

Praying for your family!

Can't wait till your girl is home!

Anonymous said...

My precious girl, Suzanne, What a blessing you are to all of us. I so agree, that the Heart is so much more important. May I strive to impart that to our children more fervently.

Dawn said...

Praise God! May He continue to focus on their "hearts". My mother recently told me that she didn't agree with me "stressing" out my daughter by putting her in a carseat and taking her 30 minutes to church. Wait until she gets used to it. I totally agree with you. It is through the hardship that we grow and I am blessed to know my Lord loves me enough that He doesn't want to leave me the way I am. He wants to keep molding me to be more like Him. AMEN! You just keep holding on to Him.

RACHEL said...

Oh, I will have to hold that advice close to my heart when our children are old enough for parent-teacher conferences! I love following your blog, & am praying for your strength & patience as you wait for sweet Josie Love. (You asked earlier, we are adopting through Lifeline adoption agency... we looked at Sanyu, but it would mean 2 different processes combining, so we kept it simple.)

Laura said...

what a thought provoking post. i am such a conflict avoider/hardship avoider it's pitiful. thank you for reminding me that suffering + hardship is good and what we're called to as believers.

and. exit papers?!?!? Yes! God is good. Aw, I'm just so happy for yall.

Holly said...

I am SO thrilled that you connected with PH! I've been praying for you since Uganda. I am a bloggy friend of Gwen's and the Lord has greatly burdened my heart for HIV+ orphans.
Your obedience will be richly rewarded...but of course you already KNOW that. You've held her and looked into her eyes and heard her giggles.
Holly from Purpose Driven Family

Amy said...

Still praying for your beautiful family!!

Victoria Searer said...

Y'all amaze me everyday! Praying for the whole family! Can't wait to see y'all at the reunion & meet Josie Love!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

That is so funny (the video)!
Praying she is home soon!

Renee said...

I LOVE YOU. PERIOD. Awesome perspectives, full of truth. I have and am learning so much from you, my little sister! I CANNOT WAIT to have Josie Love here! Oh what a wonderful day that will be!! :)

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet, precious baby! Can't wait to see her home with you forever....and oh for homes for all of the 147 million....


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