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Thursday, August 27, 2009


WE ARE COMING JOSIE LOVE!! We got the call Tuesday morning on the way to school! Our court date is September 14th!!! We will fly out on the 9th, so that we are sure to get there in time. I have to be very intentional while I am there to dress her nice so that I show the Ugandan people that I can care for her. At court we are suppose to wear our Sunday best and MAKE SURE that she is wearing shoes. You guys are going to see the cutest hairbows, shoes and outfits that you've ever seen before!! Mama has already been shopping! Annabelle and MillerAnne are very particular about what they wear.....they wanna look all grown up and like Grace. SO, Mama is having so much fun dressing a little girl again!! I emailed and asked for her sizes....their response was 18-24 months clothes and size 4 shoes. My eyes filled with tears......REALLY? REALLY? How can it be that a 3 year old little girl can be that small? Makes my heart ache to think about it. I am going to be packing the most delicious, nutritious snacks for her to start growing the moment I arrive. Aunt Mary (stateside for Amani Baby Cottage) assures me that the first six months she is home she will look like a totally different kid.
So, in the meantime, I am TRYING to get SOMEWHAT organized to be able to leave the other 6 behind for an indefinite amount of time. We're hoping for 2 weeks, but after looking at the paper work, I can't imagine it being less than three.....ALTHOUGH I SERVE A MIGHTY GOD WHO IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING!!!
prayer Warriers: pray for fast travel, warfare....any snags that might arise while i am there, health for my ENTIRE family, and strength and patience for those that will be helping here at home.

Will post again in a few days with our new products from 147 Million are going to love them!!!!
Sunday, August 23, 2009


Since Monday I have talked to SIX people through the process of adoption!! MY HEART IS SO FULL! Six more children are going to be able to call out "mommy!" "daddy!" I know that my sweet Saviour is ALL SMILES. I once heard "the secret of success is to find out what God is doing, and then get in on it with him".....God is definitely in the ORPHAN business!

I love to hear engagement stories. There is something so sweet about a man taking the time to look for a diamond and then planning how he is going to humble himself down on one knee and ASK her to marry him. That solitaire is a symbol of his bride... brilliant, priceless, and beautiful. Solitaires are jewelers most prized possession. They VERY CAREFULLY put each one into a setting. In Psalm 68:6...God settles the solitary in a home, he leads out the prisoners to prosperity, but the rebellious dwell in a parched land. MIGHT YOUR FAMILY BE THE SETTING FOR GOD TO SET A SOLITAIRE RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE? Our Lord is a jeweler. He VERY CAREFULLY places solitaires into settings. I CANNOT wait to see the brilliance of the six families that I spoke with this week. Their lives are going to shine before HIM after he sets each solitaire in it's setting. Orphans are MORE than endowed, brilliant, priceless, and beautiful....they have our fathers name on them!!

Take a look at these priceless jewels that HE set in my family.
Monday, August 17, 2009

to serve or not to serve....

I was going to wait to post until we had an update from Amani but just could not do it. As I went for a run this morning the Lord just kept whispering in my ear. So, I thought I'd share what is on my mind and heart. We just spent the weekend at our cabin on Center Hill lake. We LOVE going there to get away, it is one of our MOST favorite places as a family. Bananagrams, clue jr., movies by the fire......ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! On the norm we go to the marina to eat several times 1)because the food is fab and 2) I just do not want to cook. As we walk along the path surrounded with REALLY fast speed boats (my boys are in awe) and the biggest, nicest house boats one has ever seen I often ask myself "are we really here?!" And then WITHOUT FAIL I am jolted back into reality by someone stopping and asking me "if all of these kids are yours, "octomom has nothing on you!", "if you don't mind me asking.....where did you get your boys?"," are they brothers?" NOW, if you know me very well, you know that I do not have the gift of grace. Although, I will say that The Lord has given me an extra dose of it with each child. What use to aggravate me, NOW I see as an opportunity to educate. (hahaha) NOW what does make my heart ACHE is that my family seems to be so ABNORMAL. SO, my question to you today is "what are you doing to serve others today?" How are you stepping out of your normal day to day life and sacrificing for someone else? School is starting back, routines are forming again from the summer laziness..... SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT IS NOT ON YOUR SCHEDULE? How are you stepping out and trusting God to walk with you through darkness? Is your whole day planned? Just give HIM a small little opening to NOT know what is going to is TOTAL freedom! You will love it! NOW in the beginning, you might feel a little uncomfortable but in the end you are going to feel SO free!! We were created to serve and walk by faith....FREE UP! enjoy Him living life for you! Just start by giving him 5 minutes today......
We are hoping to hear about a court date this week.....I'll let you know!
Sunday, August 9, 2009


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GONNA DO WITH ALL OF THIS HAIR?!??!?! I just couldn't resist this picture. My new friend sandy that is loving on Josie Love right now had this on her blog....HILARIOUS!

SO....Gwen and I are launching our first design for our new business 147 MILLION ORPHANS tomorrow! We are SO excited! Our mission is 3 fold...1)to bring orphan awareness 2)help people fund adoptions 3)feed starving children in Africa. How it's gonna work: When you purchase a t-shirt, bag, hat, etc...and wear it people are going to see it and ask questions (awareness). Each time you purchase an item a certain percentage goes to feed a child in the Karamajong tribe that my friend Katie ( works with. And if you are in the process of adopting and want to buy in bulk, we will sell it to you at a wholesale price AND you can use it for fundraising!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We received an "encouraging word" from Auntie Mary that works stateside with Amani. All of our paperwork is ready and waiting for the judge to give us a court date as soon as the courts open back up next week. I am always amazed at the Lord's timing. MillerAnne is starting kindergarten this year (bittersweet), so I will have my oldest four in school. I should have just enough time to get them adjusted to school and then we head out to get lil Josie Love. I am not going to even think about what the preparation to leave will be like, because my sweet Saviour will take care of all of the details. I have to remind myself of that or I could get TOTALLY overwhelmed. In the meantime, we are doing all of the last minute shopping for uniforms, shoes, dentist appointments, haircuts(x4)......needless to say, mama is a little bit busy.
OH, AND I CAN'T FORGET all of our products for 147Million Orphans are being printed RIGHT NOW!! We are going to have t-shirts, messenger bags, visors feed bags, bring orphan awareness. Our new designs are awesome. With each purchase you will be able to feed a child in Uganda anywhere for 1 week to 3 months depending on the price of the item....I AM SO EXCITED!!! For those of you who do not feel led to adopt or are at a loss as to how YOU can care for orphans....this is a great way. Buy a product and wear it, bring awareness, AND feed an orphan. There is such a significant need for these sweet children. Our website is being designed, I designed labels for the "stuff" last night, gift cards are being made, business cards are printing...yipppeeee!! Gwen and I are going to be at Maryland Farms YMCA with our products on Monday and Tuesday of next week for those of you who are in our area. You can go to to purchase as soon as our website is up and running to purchase if you are not close by.
There is a sweet girl named Sandy that has been volunteering at Amani and loving on Josie Love the past few weeks. check out these new pics!
Also, I am including some pics of my kiddos that are going back to school....pray for an easy transition.


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