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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I love this pics of all of these sweet little children eating their precious are they?!

Our affidavit is finished and we should be receiving it tomorrow!  We will then pack up a lot of other "info" that the African government wants to see and fedex it to Uganda.  The courts open back up August 15 (I believe) and our info will be there  waiting for them to give us a court date!!Our prayer is that we will travel to get sweet Josie Love in September.   I AM SO EXCITED!  Gwen Oatsvall ( and I have started a new business.  It is called 147 Million Orphans.  We have been working on a website with products to sell to bring orphan awareness.  The past few weeks have left my head spinning.  We have been designing feed bags, messenger bags, t-shirts, hats etc....  Our site should be up and running within the next few weeks. You are going to LOVE our products.   I have been so busy making decisions and making products that I haven't had much time to think about our wait for Josie.  Just yesterday My heart began to ache for her.  There is definitely something to be said for a "mother's love".  Gosh, I already love that little girl with all of my heart.  How is that possible?  It is a God given love that I cannot explain.  Such a miracle that it leaves me looking at my children daily asking "why me Lord?  Why would you "choose me" to raise these lil miracles sent straight from Heaven?"  With each child, I feel more and more blessed. 
Sunday, July 12, 2009

New pics

As you guys may already know, Elle Minivich took a trip over to Africa, and while she was there, she stayed at Amani for a couple of days, which means...WE (along with the Oatsvalls) GOT NEW PICS OF JOSIE LOVE AND MATTY JOSEPH!! :) which is always a treat for our family, and the Oatsvall crew. Just about everytime one of our fams gets new pics, the others come over for a day to play (which we do VERY often anyways) and check out new pics, hang out, swim....and if it's a "successful day" COLD STONE! as much as we love getting the pictures it makes us long for both of them to come home! these summer dyas are just not the same without the whole crew... ;) we are so thankful for all the prayers to help bring these cuties home and cannot wait to have pictures of the whole family!
Josie walking...with some help from Elle :)
Left, Right, Left, Right...
Crawling..makin' progress!

Elle and Josie Love

Workin' hard!

We're comin' baby girl!

Love Ya'll

Mallory and Grace


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