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Sunday, December 16, 2012

heavy heart at such a JOYful time

As i sit on my couch next to Michael and watch the lights on my Christmas tree twinkle, my heart is full of heaviness.  I have fought it all day. I have been very intolerant and I have had the hardest time pinpointing my mood.  I really think that I am feeling the oppression from Connecticut.   We can place blame every day, all day long on this and that...the truth's just plain ole' DEMONIC oppression. Anybody that can do something SO awful to innocent children/people is being led by other forces than Christ.
Scripture speaks of it multiple times.  Satan is a deceiver.  He deceives in the small things ( i.e. that this world can satisfy our needs) and in the BIG things (the death of a classroom of children).  As believers, if we do not start calling him out on it....and rebuking against demonic oppression, satan is just going to receive more and more power.  This is a must.  the church has tiptoed around the subject of warfare for so many years.  Satan is claiming our children and we are sitting back and watching it happen because we are afraid that people might think we are too "charismatic or cooky christian people" COME ON PEOPLE....we have got to claim these children in Jesus name and rebuke satan from claiming their hearts at an early age!  People are asking "why God?"  "how does something like this happen?"  plain and simple : satan.  That is who he is, how he a culture, we are sitting back claiming that "this is a different generation and life is hard" rather than claiming ourselves for Christ. HE can overcome anything we face here on earth.... anxiety, homosexuality, divorce, sickness.
we are failing.  we are failing.  we are failing.  as a nation, as parents, and as believers.  If you don't believe it, just turn on your TV and watch the news.
We need a revival.   people need to lock arms and hearts and turn this thing around.   we can't do it, but HE can.  If our children hear us claiming HIM over their lives with scripture/love/ and anointing, they will believe it also.
HE IS THE I AM.  He can restore the Connecticut families.  He can give HOPE, GRACE, LOVE and FORGIVENESS when WE cannot.  thankfully, in the end, He will have victory.  HE WILL.

More of HIM and Less of US.

He created my 7 children and I am determined that satan will NOT reign over their hearts and minds.  I will rebuke him for the rest of my life...every single day if need be.  Will you join me?

Merry Christmas from the Mayernick's!


Rebekah said...

Oh, you are so right! I will join you. Every single day (with my children present) I pray for God to protect my children, and those not yet in my home, from the Evil One and from evil people. I pray for protection of their hearts and minds and bodies. I will start being more faithful to pray for children everywhere. Thank you for speaking truth to this!

Karen said...

I love your strength and conviction. Standing with you in the battle.

Anonymous said...

AMEN and AMEN!!!!

Shelby said...

Amen. I am so glad to see more believers saying this in the wake of this horrific tragedy. It is about time! I never like to blame everything on satan, obviously, our own flesh can and does lead us astray many times. But, tragedies like this are a different story entirely. Not a doubt in my mind it is an attack on children - on innocence. You probably read Russell Moore's blog post in the wake of the shootings and he said the same thing - it is the battle in the heavenlies for the hearts and minds of the children of God. What better way than to attack innocence like this? I pray to rebuke satan in the lives of our family regularly, claiming my children for Christ and fighting spiritually for them, especially when they are little and just starting out on their faith journey. Thank you for being willing to say this so clearly.

Allison Phillips said...

I agree. And, I am with you! we have to fight, and because we are on His side, I KNOW we can be victorious!!! thank you for your honesty and your call to action!

Allison Phillips
Ocala, FL


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