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Friday, March 16, 2012

"When the Saints"

Meet my sweet friend David Peterka. This guy is the REAL DEAL. I first met him when I was in Uganda at Katies. We were laying on the bed talking and heard her gate screech open. We peeked out the bedroom window. He had long hair and a beard. Katie looked at me and said "Jesus Christ just walked through my gate!! and Jesus is HOT!" (dont kill me Katie for telling this! haha) we ran to the front door to greet him. he was traveling with his friends doing a documentary and Katie happened to be one of his stops. We spent several days with him at Katies and in the village. He spent hours doctoring this little boys heel that had gotten shredded in his bicycle chain. He was a human jungle gym to Katie's girls, and the compassion that he has for others was so evident. His love for Jesus radiates off of him. Since that day, the Lord is using him in a MIGHTY way. He is changing young girls lives each and every day..saving them from prostitution. He has actually picked young girls up on the street, taken them to hotels and then led them to Christ. His heart is SPECIAL (i'm secretly hoping he will end up in Uganda with Katie one day..ssshhhhh) I have watched him for the past few years follow where the Lord is leading...blindly. He is making a difference, ONE young girl AT A TIME. Go to to donate to help him or to see more of what he is doing.


We Are Family said...

WOW - adding this to my prayers.

JD said...

He not only looks like Jesus, he is being Jesus to so many. (He's like the male version of Katie -- Jesus in the flesh!) I've only been back from Africa for a few weeks, and this fuels my desire to go back and continue to serve there. In the meantime, I'll serve here by helping awaken the worlds to the needs of the "least" of these and move people into action.

Intentional Living Homestead said...


mbs said...

That is really funny - and yes, Katie is probably going to kill you. But by the time she can get her hands around your neck, the anger will have faded. ;-)

Kelli and Mark said...

Awesome video. Awesome guy, handsome too. I too hope he ends up in Uganda with Katie.They would make a cute couple. Both powerful souls for this world.


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