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Sunday, March 4, 2012

check out this cutie!

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter, in his “home,” Xiao Ling has his own wardrobe, washing machine, his own set of dishes, a cup and a bedpan. His clothes are washed and hung out to dry apart from those of others, and his eating utensils are washed, disinfected and also stored separately. He’s monitored 24 hours a day by a rotation of nurses who, one gets the impression, will soon make Xiao Ling start washing his own bedpan. He sleeps alone every night in his stainless steel crib.

“He doesn’t understand the concept of having a mother or father,” says head nurse Xie Bini, with the CWI since 2006, as she recounted once bringing her own son to work with her. When her son began calling out “Mama” for her, Xiao Ling started saying “Mama” too. He now calls all the nurses “Mama,” and doctors who occasionally visit are “Baba.”

He is allowed a limited amount of human contact, such as the odd visitor to the care center who will hold him for a few minutes. Nurses also sometimes take him out into the yard, or follow him when he runs out the door himself, careful not to let him touch other children if he tries to join them playing ball.

He enjoys playing with other kids, says Xie, however “We are extremely cautious in watching when they play, never allowing them to run into or scratch each other.”

There’s a preschool attached to Xiao Ling’s CWI ward, but he doesn’t attend, instead gets read to by his caretaker nurses.

“He is still immature and juvenile, and hasn’t realized that there is something different between him and other children. He thinks all children grow up the same way as him,” said one nurse.

According to the CWI, writes the newspaper, there are currently no legal means for adopting HIV-positive children in China, and although Xiao Ling will continue to stay with the CWI, he “still hopes someone might adopt him.”

And though the facts of that article and his everyday life are a bit skewed (he does actually get out and interact with other kids)
the true fact remains

He needs love.
He needs life.
He needs a family.

Allow me to introduce to you to him.

People, meet Mr. Cutie Pants
Mr. Cutie Pants, meet People!


and in need of a mommy and a daddy.

HIV is not what it used to be.
Educate, educate, educate.

if you are interested in more info on this sweet child contact: Sonia Martin,


J.J. said...

Hi Suzanne, He's adorable. Will you please let us know when he is adopted, because I've watched other miracles happen on this blog, and I'd like to know this one turns out right too.
I just brought my 5 and 1/2 year old daughter home from India 3 weeks ago, she is a true blessing, but has also been neglected, and also acts immature for her age, she does not have HIV, but I do understand the neglect part of all this.
Praying for a family for cutie pants. Jenn.

Our family: said...

I read about him too. He is such a sweetie. Another reason I was drawn to him is because my daughter is from the same orphanage. Over all, for China, it's a nice and loving orphanage, just so sad that they don't know how to handle the sn of this precious boy.

Deb said...

Oh, you're KILLIN' me!!!

Anonymous said...

According to this blog, this little guy has been matched with a family! God is good!

The Leonard Family said...

I hope you don't mind but I am sharing this on my FB page...we just arrived home {less than a week ago} with our 4th from China and while we know we are done...I know this little boy's mama & baba are out there - just waiting for him too....

The Leonard Family said...

your partner Gwen is truly amazing and has been there for me as we waited to travel for our newest addition Alexander (not knowing if we would be able to due to the lack of funds) but with a lot prayers and a lot research - we found a way to travel and bring home our little peanut!

Serving the King said...

Great news.....sweet boy has a family coming for him!!!! Thank you for your help in advocating for him!


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