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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ugandan Adoption/Merry Christmas!

Hello blog world! I am still has been busy lately so social media has taken a backseat....sorry! If you want to follow me on twitter, I am becoming a friend of it because it is fast and easy to empty my thoughts:)

i have had MULTIPLE emails about Uganda adoption. I even received one comment that just asked if I would blog about it, so here it goes...

Uganda is NOT HAGUE approved. There are really no "adoption laws". Sometimes the process runs really smooth, other times it is REALLY rocky. You will either need to travel twice and stay two weeks each time, or go and plan to stay 4-6 weeks.

There are several different ways to adopt from Uganda: 1) There are several agencies in the US that you can go through: LIFELINES and . You call the agency, they send you paperwork, you finish it all, and wait until they match you with a child. 2) google "childrens homes in Uganda," email them, and ask them if they adopt out. The few that I know that DO adopt out are: WELCOME HOME, REDEEMERS HOUSE, SANYU,GOOD SAMARITAN, GOOD SHEPHERDS FOLD, and SONRISE BABIES HOME. You might email and they say that they ARE accepting applications right now, or they might say that they are NOT accepting applications. THey typically only do a certain amount each year and then they close their application process. Some of them have attorneys that they use in country and they walk you through the process. This is how I brought Josie Love home.

There are a few "private adoptions." People that know someone living in Uganda, a child needs a home, and the people living over there get it all done. This is rare, and one of the reasons that Uganda is slowing and might close (in my opinion).

Uganda adoption is NOT for the faint at heart. It is difficult. Many days there is no rhyme or reason to how anything is done. You might get a court date, travel over to attend, and the judge decide he/she doesnt want to work that day and they reschedule you for the next week...YEP! CRAZY! Most countries have a "system" that you follow and you go through the process and bring your child home.....NOT SO MUCH with Uganda.

You will hear "easy" stories, and then there are MULTIPLE families who are LIVING in Uganda for three years in order to bring him/her home. If your paperwork is not written out just perfectly then they can stamp " no" and you are stuck there for three years. It is vital that the attorney that you use knows how the system works.

SO, there it is in a nutshell. there are many children that need a mommy and daddy in Uganda. But, if you are one that needs structure, and KNOW for certain what the process is going to look like......stay away from Uganda. it is HARD. no ifs, and, or buts.

okay, so I am going to brag on my daughter just a little bit. Mike was headed to Wal-mart the other day and Grace asked him to get her a "little Christmas tree" for her room. he looked at her a little perplexed, but came home with a "little tree" under his arm. Later that night we were sitting by the fire and Grace was on the computer just "googling" like crazy. I asked her what she was doing and she said "I am looking for ornaments with a cause..I want to fill my little tree up with ornaments that either help bring a child home, feed a child, or have SOME purpose." WOW. Why havent I thought of that? thinkin' that might be a project to do throughout the year (collecting) so it will be ready for 2013:)

While my stockings are hung and my head is spinning. I am LOVING/feeling overwhelmed/trying to relax and enjoy this CHRISTmas season. Wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


arica said...

Love Grace's Christmas tree idea! Since she's done all the legwork, why don't you have her write a blogpost with stories about the ornaments & links where we could order them?
Hope this is a very merry Christmas for you & your family!

JT, Natalie & Tedi said...

email me your address and I will send one of ours to Grace.

Kait said...

We are one of those families who had both happen in our Uganda adoption. We're using an agency here and a lawyer/orphanage there. Our two boys had their paperwork submitted at the same time but ended up assigned to two different judges. After two months in Uganda we ended up leaving with one son and leaving the other behind while we continue to wait on a court date. I would strongly caution that anyone going in to adopting from Uganda expect delays, bumps, big issues, complications and struggles. It's not a safe route to family building. Things go wrong for no reason at all. You can have the best, most ethical agency, lawyer and orphanage in the world and STILL have issues. For all those stories of families getting in and out within weeks there are more stories of families like us who are caught for no reason.


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