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Sunday, November 27, 2011

thankful while exhausted

While Katie was home we were talking about November being "orphan awareness month". Her response was "there is a month reminding people that there are orphans??!" the look on her face showed that she was SOOOO perplexed. It was a sad reality for me that we have to have a special "Orphan Sunday" for believers to acknowledge all of the orphans in the world.

This past week Facebook and Twitter have been blowing up with "thankfulness." I can't help but think back to my conversation with Katie and think "it has to be a holiday for us to share how thankful that we are?!?"

In my Jesus Calling this week she talks about how we CHOOSE to be thankful. We should choose to be thankful each and every day. EVEN THOUGH each and every day might be difficult. I LOVE the holidays. I LOVE to build a fire, snuggle on the couch, and for each and every one of my little chickens to be gathered in my hen house. BUT, being at home each and every day is HARD. It is exhausting. My kitchen stays a mess from everybody eating constantly, my laundry is overflowing out of my laundry room, and my older ones go to bed WAY late, and my little ones get up WAY early. The holidays leave this mama WEARY.

We don't have to act like it is all bliss. Christ wants it to be hard, so we rely on HIM. In my weariness, I am SO thankful. I wouldn't trade these dark circles under my eyes for a fresh face and wide opened eyes. Most days I CHOOSE to be thankful. Feeling thankful doesn't come easy when my four year old is screaming, I'm giving Josie Love her meds, breaking up arguments between my two middle girls...I CHOOSE to be thankful.

If I give thanks regardless of my feelings, then HE will give me joy regardless of my circumstances. Finding JOY in the hard isnt always easy, it is still JOYFUL, and for THAT I am THANKFUL.


Caroline said...

I was wondering if you could talk a bit about the process to adopt from Uganda? Requirements, etc.?


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