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Friday, February 25, 2011


I HAD NO IDEA.....I thought that Gwen might be digging a well somewhere in Africa in my honor...WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN GREAT! But bringing a child home?!?!? I am going to be honest.....I have no words (surprising?!?). I have put this post off for days because I honestly did not know where to begin. WORDS JUST DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE. My heart was so full on my birthday, I felt as though it would explode. Gwen finally said..."you probably need to post and say thank you for all of the donations" (haha, she always keeps me on my toes) but does "thank you" really do the trick?!?

My sweet husband was not at the party, so we watched the video later that night and both just wept. Each time I watch it I cry all over again! Money has continued to trickle in. Each check that comes I just shake my head and smile. Do we serve a might God OR WHAT?!?! This is a TRUE picture of the bride of Christ rising up and bringing HIM glory!! cent by cent, dollar by dollar, check by check....TRULY the best birthday present EVER!! What a fabulous feeling that I can walk alongside my sweet friend Tosha (who just might possibly be the funniest person that I have ever been around) and travel this journey with her and it TRULY be my journey also!!

I haven't know Tosha very long. She works at our school and her daughter (kenzie) is in Grace's class. I sat with her at a few ball games (laughing the whole time) and over time Grace and Kenzie started doing things together. The Lord instantly tied their sweet hearts together and through dropping off and picking up from social events, Tosha and I got to know each other. She is a dose of joy for me. I always laugh when I am with her. As tough as some days can be, I need a good laugh here and there! It's the kind of laugh that your jaws ache and your stomach muscles start burning. (I'm actually giggling while typing this!) I noticed pretty quickly her love for my little ones. She is so loving and encouraging. Mike and I had to go out of town for a weekend and she asked if she could keep my children....WHO DOES THAT?!?!? WHO ASKS TO KEEP SEVEN CHILDREN!?!? SO, I politely obliged her (all the while thinking that I would probably never see her again) and our friendship grew even stronger. She GETS my life. She GETS my heart. My Caleb L.O.V.E.S. her.....He cries to go with her (and leave ME ) every time we see her! She actually HAS my heart and deep down LONGED to adopt, just had no idea how financially it would EVER happen.

One day I said to Tosha....."It can't hurt to get your home study done. Just get the paperwork done and see what happens!" If you were playing a sport, you would wear your uniform JUST IN CASE you got called into the game. If you didn't have it on, you would have no choice but to stay on the bench. If Christ is the coach HE MIGHT just call you in anytime!! Get it done and let's watch him work!" She lacked her last home visit when I got the call that there was a 4 month old baby that needed a home....SEE?!?!? and THEN, our sweet Savior not only called her into the game...but has (and will continue to) block for her EVERY single step of the way. He has made himself known in a MIGHTY way that HE LOVES this sweet little Abigail. I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and whisper how special that she is and how honored I feel to have a small part in bringing her home to her forever family!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU ! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! EVERY single penny will make a difference!

On a different note...guess who got glasses??!?! Tosha is going to put rhinestones on the front of the give them just a little more pizzazz! hahahahahaha

Grace and I saw these glasses with the high heel shoes and without hesitation smiled and nodded YES to each other!! seriously?!? they are PERFECT for "fancy pants"!


Tony and Heather Snyder said...

My 18 month old got the BIGGEST kick out of this video! She kept asking for "more" and "one more". Love it!!!

Andie said...

I really like the "Robot Spider" !?! song.Not for sure on what he said! ha ha ha ha.

The Young Family said...

Seriously...that video at the end had me cracking up...they are little nuts! TOO CUTE!

The Mckenzie Crew said...

that video was aweosme!!!

From a full heart... said...

That could TOTALLY be my house. Rowdiness all around! I could EAT. THEM. UP.

Anonymous said...

That was too precious! The one song by Caleb reminded me of an old Saturday Night Live commercial for an album of popular hits as performed by the "Kinda Know the Words to Them Singers"... What a way to start the day! Andy from Alabama

Teri said...

The video is hilarious!! Mama was the ONLY one who cared at all about the glasses! The kids were just havin' a rip roarin' time! Ha!


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