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Thursday, September 23, 2010

147 Million Orphans Fall Gear is out!!

mayvall orphan bag
funky feed 1
boys youth tee
girls youth tee
this is our unisex athletic tee...fabulous for working out..has a scripture on the back!

I havent blogged lately because I have been swamped getting all of our new gear for the fall out! Gwen is all about the admin of 147 and I do the designing, ordering, printing, etc... We have a lot of new products this fall. We are SO excited! We were in "crunch mode" because we leave for Texas next wednesday, Sept 29 for the Together for Adoption Conference. (there is STILL room if you want to go and haven't registered) We will be stopping at my sweet friend Meredith Messick's house in Dallas for a "purchase with a purpose party!" If any of you are in the Dallas area OR Austin...we would LOVE for you to come by and see our new stuff. If you want info on either of these, just email us at twomoms13kids@gmail .com.

We also wanted to find a way for you to help take ownership of YOUR HEART'S DESIRE TO HELP ORPHANS and the 147 SHARE KIT is it ... We have given you all the tools you need to help share the 147 Mission plus in buying your KIT you feed a child for two months ... When you are sharing the 147 story you can also make it personal for yourself ... TELL HOW GOD HAS PLACED ORPHANS ON YOUR HEART ... We want to partner w/ you TILL THEY ARE ALL FED ... We want to partner w/ you in opening people's eyes and hearts to orphans ... We want to partner w/ you in helping spread the word about 147 adoptive family fundraising ... WE SIMPLY WANT TO GIVE YOU A TOOL SO YOU CAN BE USED BY GOD to Speak Up For Those With No Voice ...

Share it w/ your Sunday School Class, Your MOM's group, Your Girlfriend's, or just anybody ... We will be glad to walk hand in hand w/ you !!! OUR 147 story is not just about us, but all who are willing to lend a hand and heart to make a difference ... WE sold our first kit to an AMAZING 6TH GRADE YOUNG BOY ... He saved his money to buy it and I can't wait to see how he uses it !!!

Yesterday I went to Vanderbilt for Josie Love's routine infectious disease doctors visit. Every step through that hospital people call out "hey Josie Love!" It is the FUNNIEST thing! As she stomps through the long halls, she smiles ear to ear, eyes squinted closed (have NO idea how the child sees a thing...) collecting lollipops, hugs, and waving, saying "see ya later!" I am going to video it sometime just so that you guys can experience it! I couldn't help but to think "thank you Lord for think that I MIGHT have missed it?!?"

The pediatric eye specialist examined her eyes last week. While they are not opened totally, they are now opened enough so that her vision is not affected. She is pleased with the healing, and will assess her again in a year. If they have not opened up more by the time to start kindergarten, she will do another surgery and open them some more.

AND, we started gymnastics! Gwen and I have our on class with our youngest ones! how funny is that? They decided with a hearing impaired child, a child with blown up saline pouches in her scalp, Hiv+ and a WILD three year old (Caleb) that they might need to have just a little extra attention....hahhaahhha. So, we have our own class. IT IS WONDERFUL! Gwen and I just sit and laugh. we do not have to worry if they cut line, jump on the trampoline out of turn, disrupt so that learning is or if they have runny noses...we're just glad that they are getting some energy out!

That's all for now...I will update you on the conference asap!

Til they are all fed,


Stephanie @ It Is Well said...

I am so excited to get to meet you and Gwen at the Together For Adoption Conference. I'm excited about the conference itself, but y'all just add to the excitement. :)

Over-Caffeinated said...

I heard you met my bff at the Gathering! That is a girl with a heart like no other! Believe me, if you have Sonja Lowell for a friend, you could not do better. She thought you were precious and really enjoyed her time with you. When I get back (which I wish was next week) we will have to get together with you and Gwen for a little girly laughter!

I'm thinking you guys may need to do an information session here. No one knows ONE THING about orphans... don't even thing they realize there are any! :(


emily said...

Love my new gear! Sad that you come to Texas and I won't be here, but excited to sport 147 in Ethiopia!!!! Love you sister.

For His Glory said...

Kay so I LOVE your shirts...I'v ebeen keeping an eye on them...Do you have any that have "adopt 1" on the back?? I want to wear one for orphan Sunday, but I am wanting to sport something about adoption...anyways, if not no biggy...Saw you stuff at the SUMMIT... May God continue to give you strength in this weary life filled with trials on all sides as you faithfully serve him...we definitely aren't called to a life of ease now are we as believers...

jill funkhouser said...

Love the picture of Josie in the chair. She is too sweet! Gymnastics sounds fun! That is great! You guys are an inspiration!

AGoodKindOfCrazy said...

Josie is just about the cutest dang thing ever. Sometimes when people come over and I'm showing them something on the computer... I show them Josie Love and tell her story. She has made every single one of them CRY. And smile. I can just imagine the fan club she has!

And I wish you'd also tape the gymnastics class.. because that just sounds like something HILARIOUS. You guys are such an inspiration!


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