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Friday, January 29, 2010


In TENNESSEE we LOVE a "snow day!" The announcement for "no school" arrived last night after the high school basketball game and the party INSTANTLY started. I LOVE the season of life that we are in with Grace (our 13 almost 14 year old). She has entered the "teenager phase" where all her friends hang out together all of the time. They spend a lot of time at our house and I LOVE it! They are so much fun! (messy, but fun) They take me back in time and I thoroughly enjoyed those years of my life. Mike and I stayed up until 12am talking on the couch, AS IF our little ones were not going to be up at their normal times?!?!? Joshua decided to get up 2 hours early (5am) and I instantly thought "what was I thinking? 12am, really?!" Two cups of coffee later, we cranked up the chocolate chip pancakes. After several rounds of pancakes and bacon (can someone say H-E-A-L-T-H-Y?!?) the nurse from the health department pulled up. I heard my kids out the front door trying to read her front license plate....sounding out each word....SSS-uuu-cckkk-iiiinnn.....(my ears perked up) until Michael obliged them and shouted "Suckin Gas and Haulin A**"!! By the time they were all repeating it, she made it to the front door. We would have that "talk" in a few minutes! I asked myself once again....Really?!? I couldn't help giggle under my breath....LOVE MY LIFE!

So it was sweet little Josie Love's birthday this week and I decided that she needed a car so that when spring arrives she can follow her brothers around outside in their vehicles. She hasn't quite mastered driving it yet...I thought I'd share a video of her first few lessons where Michael was trying to educate her.

I couldn't help but relate her driving to life. Don't we just wake up each morning and it is "pedal to the metal!" We go NONSTOP, forward, backwards, forward, backwards throughout our entire day. When I got up this morning I had the time to read Jesus Calling and have a few quiet moments with Joshua and my sweet Saviour. The peace that I have had all morning sure does surpass the crazy driving that typically takes place each morning. My heart longs for more "Snow Days". Sometimes, we need these little reminders to be still and feel HIS presence. Thank you Lord for these little glimpses of YOUR glory IF we'll just take the time to desire a relationship with YOU.


RaVae Erickson said...

Ah, water to my soul! Thank you for your sweet words and the wonderful reminder to be still and know His peace for the day before it begins. I hope His PEACE follows you tomorrow too!

KT said...

good grief! I want to eat her up right this minute! And I will, once summer comes and cold season leaves! lol
no really, gotta come over when I can
So sweet! Happy Day Miss Josie Love! How old is Josie? 3? couldn't remember if she'd be turning 3 or 4.

Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!!!thanks for the word! We could all use more snow days! =)



Kim said...

What we wouldn't give for a good snow day in Hong Kong!
Love the video ... Happy Birthday Sweet Josie Love!

lauradodson said...

Happy Birthday Josie Love! Praise God from whom all blessings flow...the biggest being you are now with your forever family! Yay Jesus!

sallee said...

Happy Birthday Josie Love!! Sweet girl.......
well I think this 'snow day' is gonna last for a few!!! these tempts won't let it go away for a while!! and now the ICE!! ugggg!!
so glad you like them!
I LONG for sunshine-skirts-flip/flops!!
blessings during this COLD!!

emily said...

Eyasu got a car for his birthday too- he still has a hard time steering it! Hilarious. :) Love me some Josie Love.

Gran said...

That video is so cute. I love seeing and hearing my grandchildren, even if this snow and ice is keeping Pop and I close at home.
My love to all.
MaMa Gaye/Gran


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