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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We joined together at  my house tonight to discuss what we needed to pack, when to start taking our meds,  and ALL of the other garb that goes along with packing for a trip to Africa. We have had our immunizations. Passports and airline tickets are  in hand!  It would be an understatement to say that we are all "out of our minds" excited about this journey!  I have already packed two large suitcases full of towels, sheets, and Lord knows what else that Katie left for me to bring.  We began our night in prayer for our sweet Katie.  If you read her blog today, you know that she is we just lifted her up.  I have soccer balls, little girls underwear, coffee, mac n cheese, protein bars, beef jerky, and peanut butter all headed to my house by means of gracious "givers" for us to take to Katie and her kids.  We will be leaving on March 12th, and returning on the 21st.......stay tuned.....hold on to the reins, gonna be a BUMPY ride!


carlee Brian said...

so you have joined "blog" land! i the first to post something? thought for sure gwen would be on here... so excited about your trip and know that you all will be in our prayers.. be sure to keep us updated and make sure anna wears alot of sunscreen! Praying!

Jenn in GA said...

woot!! i've given up blog reading and blogging for lent, but i am making an exception to read yours and katie's, as both will encourage me spiritually. so excited for you and all who are going.

look forward to reading more!

emily said...

So excited to see what the Lord has for you, I know it is going to be HUGE! We will be praying. :)

auntie katie said...

and to eat some beef jerky... haha.


Diane said...

Might b 2 late 2 suggest, but, beach balls travel really, really well...and, all the kids will love blowing them up and bouncing them around...they take very little room:) Just a thought...

Renee said...

I just found your blog! I'm so glad you're doing this! Hopefully, it'll be the way to experience vicariously all that God has for each of you! I'm so excited for you! Got bags full of stuff to bring over! Where are y'all going to put your clothes!? :)

Kim said...

OHHH! I am so glad you will be documenting this journey. Scott is one of my hubby's best friends. We have know Mallory since she was a toddler. I cannot wait to see all God has in store for each of you on this journey. We will be praying. Please let me know if there are donation items I can bring over for Katie's kids? Lobe & Blessings, Kim Miller

Jenny said...

I just stumbled across your blog and am so excited to read about your journey. I am sure reading your blog and your experiences will be a spiritual encouragement for me.

Lindsey said...

Oh sweet Mayernick family....I am SO beyond exited for y'all!!! WE ARE PRAYING....and will not stop. I am praying for the fevers and for health the entire time!! Just keep repeating over and over, "Get behind me Satan"!!! Do you need help with your other kiddos while you are gone??!! Let whoever is keeping them have my phone number....I will be on call!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!


Abbie said...

Hey aunt Suey!

Are you so incredibly exited about your trip to Uganda??? I will be praying for you and your wonderful family. I hope that you, uncle Mike, Grace, and Michael will be touched by tour trip and be blessed by the experience. Tell Katie that I said hello.



Mark, Rebecca and Sophia said...

Not sure how we found you, but we did. Our hearts are starting to burn for Katie's kids. We'll be following along and praying.


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